Travel to the Greek island of Santorini

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Travel to the Greek island of Santorini

When you get to Santorini is not difficult to imagine why she was nominated for the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and from the plane and, no doubt, from one of the many cruises that stop in Santorini, they could see the magic and charm of a glamorous island is left to see, feel and smell like one of those mythical places we dream in Greek travel agencies. From the air it is easy to spot that Santorini is a small circular archipelago of volcanic islands formed are in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of the Greek mainland that form the southernmost group of islands whose area of approximately stretches along some 70 km².

In fact, to be very precise, Santorini is the remains of an enormous volcanic explosion which destroyed the earliest settlements that existed at the site and, according to the story of the place it occurred 3,000 years before Christ. The volcanic blast wiped out much of the territory of the former island and caused the creation of the current geological caldera. But the volcanic activity of Santorini did not stop in that explosion, but that is still the most active volcanic center of the volcanic arc of southern Aegean, though, as you can see today what remains is a flooded caldera that seems a huge gap of more or less oval shape measuring 12 miles long by 7 miles wide and its waters, in the middle of the lagoon has a depth of 400 meters, thus allowing navigation of all ships, why the island’s ports are all within the lagoon and not the sea that is surrounded on three sides by high cliffs that is about 300 meters high. In both the fourth side of the lagoon is separated from the sea by a much smaller island called Therasia and that makes barrier between the lagoon and sea, however, joined in two places, northwest and southwest.

Church, Vothonas, Santorini por Wolfgang Staudt. 

The island of Santorini is also known as Thera, and its capital is the city of Fira, a very attractive and interesting as the houses hanging from the cliff on the hillside leading down to the lake, giving the feeling of fall and providing a unique exterior views.

Without knowing the history and even after hearing it, it seems incredible that a volcanic cataclysm has given rise to the natural beauty of Greece, whose capital, Fira is popularly known as the white people and no longer looks to capture and impress your visitors as found hanging from a cliff with crescent-shaped and whose houses, typical architecture and whitewashed down the slope of the huge volcanic crater, as if it were a white cascade that lead for the sea.

The construction of buildings and houses have an air of oriental influence historical evidence: their houses are white and window frames and doors are painted blue, as is customary on the coast of Morocco and Tunisia. Construction is not the most orderly and, conversely, narrow and twisting streets and houses have become increasingly visible to the ravine and assert every meter of the few 80 kilometers in total area available to the island.

 Red Beach por *tilli*.

Excursions to Santorini:

A look inside the island, shows the ups and downs along the steep cobbled streets, home to shops, restaurants, homes, churches, hotel and cafes, which are played on high levels in a town with clearly evidenced where the roof of a house serves as a courtyard of one that sits a little higher and where they share the terrace.

The church of Agios Minas (XVIII century), with the blue dome and white bell tower is the landmark of this island and postal required for every visitor to walk through its streets. Furthermore, unlike the cable car station is the Archaeological Museum owns a collection of Attic vases of the sixth century BC

The beauty of the people is as spectacular as the scenery than to any cardinal point can even watch it and nightlife of the place invites you to spend long nights that end up being the lively destination for young tourists in the world who do not want to rest and therefore among other reasons is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe.

Of all the Cyclades islands, Santorini is the most visited and the island, one of the most traveled and visited by tourists in the world is Fira, along with the small village of Oia. While the black sand beaches most visited of the region are in front, in Persia and Kamari.

Anchors aweigh and go to Santorini!

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