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Tapia de Casariego attracts the visitor throughout the year, for its local color, pleasant climate, its cuisine and for its extraordinary beaches.

Near the Ria del Eo and also next to the sailor and Ribadeo Luarca, is Tapia de Casariego. Due to its strategic location and thanks to the many features and attractions that relieves the traveler, this place has become one of the most visited areas of western Asturias. Its landscape, its beaches and its marine environment make this board one of the best locations on the Costa Verde.

Although typically Asturian environment that emerge every corner of the surprising low rainfall. It is normal to find splendid days of good weather and sunshine throughout the year. Another inducement more to enjoy throughout the year in the views of its beaches, its scenic beauty and its atmosphere is always festive.


The contemplation of its more than a dozen beaches is also reason to come to this corner of western Asturias. Its most popular beach is the Serantes, interesting for its dunes and marshes, is also visited the beach of Santa Gadea, a small cove with pebbles and sand in front of which the islands are Pantorgas. Between the beach of the pulleys and Dams is a pine forest where the lake is Silva, where once told that there were gold mines. The successions of towns and villages attractive places invite us to your travel, whether by its natural beauty or cultural heritage.

The beaches of Santa Gadea and Peñarronda are ideal for surfers. At all the beaches you can walk without being bothered by the cars. For cycling, you can take dirt roads or side road little traveled.

Also outside the busy summer in Tapia de Casariego does not cease its activity. To dismiss the summer festival is celebrated on the sea. Coinciding with Easter is celebrated in Tapia European championship surfing. And for lovers of good food, in early December, pilgrimages are organized around their precious seafood.

Tourism resources

Are many and varied tourism resources of the Council of Tapia de Casariego. Across the pilgrimage route from the coast, this town had Salave pilgrims in hospitals, and San Esteban de Tapia.

Emblazoned houses and palaces (such as Field and the Bryce) are traditional buildings with architectural influence pacega Galicia, among which include: Casona Palacio de Campos or the Magdalene is in the town of Campos, close to the N-634. It has a ground floor, a piano nobile and a central courtyard. Opposite the Palace there is a chapel. Cancio Donlebún Palace: Situated in the town of La Veguín, a distance of 12 kilometers Tapia. Palace Brothers Cotarelo Villamil: located in the town of Serantes.

Capital in Tapia, we can highlight Reguero house, restored in 1991 as the Casa de Cultura, Plaza de la Constitution, which is bordered by three of the landmarks of the town: the Institute of Secondary Education, Schools and the City, are Designed by architect Juan Caballero Maria Yanez from 1863.

Religious Architecture As we should point the Shrine of the Martyrs, with some interesting eighteenth-century altarpieces, and the parish church of St. Stephen, which stands in the village tapiega, neo-Gothic style. These include other churches and chapels in the municipality of Tapia as are the chapel of San Blas, the chapel of San Sebastian, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Remedies, the Chapel of Our Lady of Encontrela the chapel of San Antonio, chapel La Paloma, St. Stephen’s Chapel, the Chapel of Bryce, the church and Salave Fields, the church of Santiago de La Roda, the church of San Andrés de Serantes and the Martyrs Shrine.


Route to the Chapel of Encontrela: This is a route on foot and easy. The starting point is Tapia, specifically the neighborhood of Corredoira, towards Casariego, near which lies the shrine of the Virgin of Encontrela, whose party, a picnic, held in late May, more specifically on Monday following Pentecost Sunday. In the vicinity of the population may also be the palace of the Cancio, where is the ark that came the first American corn coming into Spain.

Route through the valleys of St. Augustine and the River Porcia: You can do this route on foot, by bike or car. This is a rather easy path. The starting point is Mántaras, direction La Roda, the AS-23, to go to El Monte. Before coming to La Roda took the detour to the road Cabillón AS-31. On the path from crossing Cabillón we turn to the shrine of the Martyrs, from which you get an excellent view of the whole western sea. Climbing toward Acevedo and the valley of San Agustin, continue to the northeast toward Veguín across the river Porcía by the old stone bridge.

Western beaches Route: This route is possible to do either on foot or by bicycle. This is a very easy route. It begins west of Tapia, skirting the coast from the nearest beach Reburdia. It has parking, camping, restaurant, surveillance equipment and cleaning service. The beach has a special plan to protect the dunes and vegetation. Here is a unique species, the wallflower of Mahon. This route, plain and simple to perform, has a long attractive landscape.

Coastal route by Fields and Salave: This is a route on foot is easy to perform. The starting point is Tapia east on the road to Santiago, leaving left the fort and the beach Tojal of Dams, and always along the coast through the pulleys, the Roman gold mines in Lagos de Silva, towards the creek of Figo Salave to continue until, through fields and end on the beach in Porcia, boulder, where there was the old iron mineral carrier.

Peak Lighthouse Route: A route by foot. It leaves Mántaras towards La Roda, the AS-23, to go to El Monte. Before coming to La Roda Cabillón took the detour on the road to AS-31. On the path from crossing Cabillón we turn to the Martyrs Shrine. From here you take the direction of Rondelo, and after crossing a small valley, we reached a crossroads where we will begin an easy climb to the summit of Pico Faro (254 m).

Bon voyage!

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