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Cabo da Roca, Portugal por ChihPing.

Lisbon is one of those ports that you can walk in different ways by different starting points, ending with different landscapes. One can opt for staying at a downtown hotel and then depart. But it can also stay in a remote village and make a one-day visit to the center. The truth is that wherever you decide to start, this city, capital of Portugal, will have a reservoir for giving us beautiful places. To qualify for this, nothing better than staying in one of the hotels in Lisbon.

Cabo da Roca, Lisbon

It occurs to me that this time could leave the typical visit to the Baixa, in a few days, and thus get into a tour around the city. Trail that will take several days because many sites from the outskirts, also hide a facet of tourism. Just a matter of organizing and raising the circuit more suitable for the pockets and the view will not fail to marvel at every step.

And talk about organization, there are many aspects that come into play. In a first step should be put on the table all the options we have to leave, that is why we come on stage: transportation.

Pena Palace, Lisbon

We can dream of reaching the top of a tram, the most popular transportation in Lisbon. But reality shows us another side, and whenever there are fewer circulating, and fewer places to live that long. So for our first ride they will find us starting to Sintra, Cascais, Cabo da Roca, and Estórias, we rent a car.

Castle in the clouds por Fr Antunes.

It must be said that this visit, these four sites, could be done in one day, but if the idea is to enjoy, it is advisable to divide it into three days.

In Sintra, the first place that greets us is the people with the lure of its museums and palaces. Then, athletes and adventurers have a chance to climb a hill and view from the top, the same place at the base transited. The summit of the hill is the Palacio de Pena. But not to worry: those who are not able to walk upstairs, they will at their disposal, where buses can save physical effort.

The next day, after taking a hearty breakfast at a shelter zone, we surrender to what will bring us a visit to Cabo de Roca. This site is considered the westernmost point of continental Europe. Its tourist attraction promoted is the cliffs, there can transit the bold and the fearful look in the distance.

But we left Cabo de Roca, another day awaits us reaching Cascais. It is advisable to visit Guincho, then a few days of participating in a street circuit, you can enjoy the beach. The chilly not be rejoicing, as only should there a refreshed because the sea is very cold and costs remain. What about Estoril? It is a good place to arrive at sunset after a day at the beach. There you can enjoy its casino and its gardens. Thus, completed the first leg of our journey through the outskirts of Lisbon.

The second tour, we are shaping the aspirations of the chilly they could not enjoy the beaches of Cascais. We arrived at the attractive Costa da Caparica, which occupies an area of 30 kilometers of river, offers beaches from north to south, although the north are more beautiful, large and quiet.

Cascais Estoril por ErtaiPT.

And we come to our tour number three, which is the same as saying we got to Queluz. Here we will only be value for coveted visit the National Palace of XVIII century, a local version of the imitation of Versailles, and we will do early at noon, as the museum closes at half past four o’clock.

And following the route near Lisbon’s turn to Mafra and Ericeira. If we decide to start with the first location, we find a shy people that shine for its unique building: the Palace and Convent of Mafra. Here it is essential to make the trip following the speech of a guide, as their past and their former guests are the most beautiful attractions of the place and someone just informed you can send us those stories.

The restless and athletes will have chance to enjoy surf beaches, already settled in Ericeira. Here is also coveted the afternoon to stroll by the sea.

And nearing the end of our journey, we took a boat to arrive at the south bank of the Tagus, a Brazilian town, for its essence, its gastronomy, traditions, and monuments. The journey along the paths of the river will allow us to see the city of Lisbon from the water, a photograph rarely conquered. More later, following the path of the bank, we reach the lunch and tasting a good feijoada. Black beans to liven up an evening of Rio. Later, passing through the city of Almada Cristo Rei find the monument certainly like Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Travel around Lisbon

And so we come to port and just to finish the tour around Lisbon.

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