Tourism, health and clean air in Gran Canaria

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Imagine an island of volcanic geology where dreams and anything is possible. Gran Canaria boasts to offer the visitor heavenly beaches and a privileged terrain and environments covering mountain ranges, ravines and steep cliffs, protected areas such as the spectacular dunes or areas of special scientific interest.

Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

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Not surprisingly, much of the island has been declared a Biosphere Natural Reserve. Other wonders, such as its good weather, are increasingly attracting a cosmopolitan tourism. Official studies confirm this prestige. For example, the island capital, Las Palmas, is considered the city with the best climate in the world, as evidenced by Syracuse University in New York.

For its part, Mogan in the south, is the place in Europe with more clear days a year. The good time does not take vacations here.

Canales de Mogán

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As a tourist destination and first-class resort, Gran Canaria has a wide range of accommodation, although it is difficult to find cheap sites. At year visiting more than two million tourists seeking accommodation in the best way possible, and this requires much patience.

There are a number of hotels, apart-hotels, bungalows, cottages, guest houses, apartments, guest houses or tourist homes. The range of hotels, for example, three stars, allows travelers to spend a night for an average price of $ 110 in double room. Yes, the qualities of the establishments are beyond doubt.

For example, during this time, with the celebration of its spectacular carnival, the island has virtually full employment. You’re not alone. Through the network can be located hundreds of hotels in Gran Canaria, from north to south and from east to west.

Apart from the capital, other resorts on the island are outstanding and beautiful Maspalomas sand dune ecosystem, the artificial beach of Puerto Rico, Puerto de Mogan and Meloneras.

Tourism in Gran Canaria is, above all, the beach, although in recent years has experienced a boom in rural areas. Its nearly 60 miles of coastline spread over 236 km of coastline make the island a small continent in miniature. The best thing to move around the island is the option of renting a car, since it is not large and the infrastructure of other means of locomotion is not well developed. This way you can visit the inland villages, where time seems to stand still.

Tourism, health and clean air in Gran Canaria

Photography by Peter Shanks

Many other visitors arrive in Gran Canaria also attracted by the quality of health tourism. Already in the nineteenth century was a popular destination for the beneficial effects produced waters of its springs and thermal springs.

At present, the offer has leveraged: Spas, spa and wellness centers, thalassotherapy, massage, therapy macro, saunas, drainage, algae, reflexology, mud, clay, jacuzzi, hot springs, endless pleasure and relaxation. In the vast majority of the hotels themselves four or five star tourist open to offer these services. The entertainment does not escape the interest of the traveler, who account for fun, luxurious amusement and water parks. You can also opt for sports in a privileged environment. The most sought after diving, surfing, windsurfing and golf.

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