The western coast of San Vicente de la Barquera

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San Vicente de la Barquera por Iñaki Mateos.

Located on the western coast of Cantabria San Vicente de la Barquera is a municipality in its just 41 square miles and combines all the attractive values of Green Spain: an outstanding architectural heritage, historical importance, an exceptional natural environment, a renowned gastronomy and deep lore that is reflected in its diverse artistic and festive events.

Its fishing port, on which he has turned the development of this town remains one of the largest in the region. Tourism and services are currently the main economic activity of the town, forming a wide and attractive offer for visitors.

San Vicente de la Barquera is located in the heart of Oyambre Nature Reserve, a protected natural area of great ecological value composed of estuaries, cliffs, beaches, dunes, meadows and forests that are home to flora and fauna of great importance.

Historical Heritage
San Vicente de la Barquera was an important step on the Camino de Santiago on the coastal route. The result of that past the town and its people have a prominent monuments designated as Historical Site. In this monumental, we can highlight:

- The Church of St. Mary of the Angels.

- The statue of the Inquisitor Corro.

- El Santuario de la Barquera.

- The Palace of the family runs.

- El Castillo del Rey.

- The Convent of San Luis.

- The Wall.

- El Puente de la Maza.

palacio de la familia corro por chema_1973.

Oyambre Nature Reserve:
Oyambre Nature Park is a protected nature of the autonomous community of Cantabria, which combines in its territory the beauty of a coastal landscape of estuaries, cliffs, beaches, dunes and broad meadows, with small valleys and forests exceptional home to flora and fauna of great ecological importance.

The combination of three environmental systems-coast, valleys and mountain-that maintain their functionality and preserve environmental quality and natural landscape make the Nature Park territory Oyambre exceptionally high tourism potential and that presents the challenge to reconcile enjoy a natural environment are few, and the preservation of all aspects that make it unique and unrepeatable.

The coast of San Vicente de la Barquera offers miles of beaches where you can enjoy the vast sands of Merom as it has the Blue Flag proving the optimum conditions of water, sand and various services offered . Also known for its beach Oyambre extension which served as an airstrip for “The Yellow Bird” starring one of the first transoceanic flights. Next to them stands the Tostadero protected beaches and La Maza, inside the bay, or small creeks such as fonts or Nanny.

The privileged situation of San Vicente de la Barquera allows its visitors to make an attractive short-haul trips. At about 30 kilometers away is the medieval village of Santillana del Mar, with outstanding Romanesque monuments and prehistoric caves of Altamira. On the road is the village of Comillas, where he also must admire its important monuments, such as El Capricho de Gaudí, Sobrellano Palace and the Pontifical University.

Another must is the National Park Picos de Europa, through the dramatic gorge of La Hermida, to reach the mountain peaks through the cable car of Fuente Dé. In the Valley of Liebana can contemplate the historical collection of pots, the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Lebeña Mozarabic church, among other architectural treasures. Also, inland, you can tour the Nature Reserve of Saja, with the people of Bárcena Mayor as the most interesting, and move to the Valley to visit other valuable Nansa sets, as are the towns of Carmona, Tudanca, Cosio, etc. .

Finally Santander, capital of the autonomous region, or the Nature Park Cabárceno are two places of great interest to visitors.

San Vicente de la Barquera has a large number of festivals throughout the year, among which are:

“La Folia.” Declared of National Tourist Interest, is held after Easter depending on the tides, highlighting its maritime procession involving all craft in the harbor.

“La Barquera and The Mozucu. It takes place during the 7th, 8th and 9th September, with many popular events, offering free to all attendees the sorropotún, Barquera dish.

“National Song Contest Marinera. Important cultural event involving choirs from across the country. Is held in the first weeks of July.

“Fiestas de El Carmen”. It is celebrated around July 16 with numerous balls and sardines.

IMG_8570 por atrogu.

Bon voyage!

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