The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

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The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

Canada was founded by French explorer Jacques Cartier in 1534, and has its origin in a French colony was established in a settlement on the banks of the St. Lawrence, eastern Hudson Bay, this settlement is the Quebec of today.


Photography by alana’s

This and other French colonies, gave rise to Montreal, took hold and flourished to enter in direct competition with the neighboring English and Dutch colonies, for natural resources and the domain of trade. The conflict was served, and after years of war (The Seven Years War) that between 1756-1763, the British defeated the French at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, taking away all their possessions in Canada.

Therefore, the North American country became a union of former French and British colonies, under the command of the English monarchy until well into the twentieth century, but they quickly enjoyed almost total autonomy. Today, Canada remains a strong bilingual nation, with a majority of angloparlantes (59%) compared to a French base (22%) or mainly established in the region of Ontario and its cities: Quebec and Montreal, where French is the official language.

The Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

Photography by d.neuman

Both Quebec and Montreal was the capital of Canada for a few years respectively, but the nation’s capital finally fell in 1858 in Ottawa, by decision of the Queen Victoria on three main factors: the offset of the city with French-speaking populations and Anglophone and greater distances with the U.S. Since 1858, therefore, is Canada’s capital Ottawa, the national parliament building and residence of the Governor General (who exercised the royal prerogative delegated by Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of Canada) and Prime Minister (head of government).

The following year they started making plans to build a great parliament who welcomed the country’s lawmakers and outside the center of power. Elected a promontory with spectacular views over the city and surrounded by the Rideau Canal and Ottawa River. Design is a complex of buildings that occupy the called since then, Parliament Hill. For the year 1876 and all buildings were constructed, and only the condition the vast gardens, terraces and ancillary areas.

The parliamentary enclosure measuring 112,360 m2 bordered by the Ottawa River to the north, the Rideau Canal to the east, Wellington Street and finally south west road. The main buildings in it are: The Central Block, built between 1865 and 1927, contains the House of Commons and Senate, and the spectacular Tower of Peace and the Library of Parliament. The Centre Block burned down on February 3, 1916, but was completely renovated a few years.

The whole architecture of Neo-Gothic architectural style, is eminently dramatic, thanks to the wide open spaces and views from the hill you have both the river and the city of Ottawa. Parliament Hill is full of people to cram every July 1st, Canada Day.


– In the Central Block, is an entertaining show, is highly recommended.

– Not to take pictures in the galleries of the Senate or the House of Commons.

– The price of the visit to Parliament can not be more economical: it’s free! Guided tours every hour, in both English and French, performed by students very enjoyable.

– On July 1, the day of National Day, the streets of downtown Ottawa are closed to traffic and become quaint outdoor beer gardens, with open-air discos.

– In Parliament Hill can find live concerts, and many Canadians with her face painted with their national colors.

– In the downtown and Parliament Hill, near the Chateau Laurier Hotel can see the boats from the Ottawa River and Rideau Canal is a small scale the Panama Canal!

– In the vicinity of Parliament can also see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

– On the outskirts of the parliamentary buildings we see the old bell that was saved from the fire of 1916. The bell is adjacent to the Library of Parliament.

– The Peace Tower you can climb for spectacular views of Ottawa, the river and the Rideau Canal. In addition, on clear days you can see Hull Quebec. If we consider that there can be no legally Ottawa building height exceeding the Peace Tower, we understand even more the interest that always climb the tower.

The Parliament in Ottawa

Photography by _photographer

– In February Ottawa celebrated the great Winter Carnival (Winterlude). The city center is adorned and celebrated a ice sculpture contest on the street.
No parking for cars, so walking distance is best idea, since it is very near the center of Ottawa.

Enjoy Ottawa in Canada!

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