The main attractions are Canada

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Canada is a country with low population density areas, grasslands, forests, snowy mountains, well-preserved environment and quality of life in urban areas.

Most of its population is concentrated in the cities of milder climate near the border with the United States, south on the Atlantic coast and the valley of the St. Lawrence, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

Cities are where the main attractions are Canada, Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Vancouver.

Canada? por Big City Dick.

In summer, the Canadian cities face a radical change, which seems to be more cheerful and lively. In winter, due to the harsh climate, Canadians are accustomed to living in an artificial world and closed, but at the same time, comfortable and sophisticated.

How is Canada perceived?
From a tourist point of view, Canada can be more practical and economical alternative to the U.S. for those who enjoy the national parks, wildlife and the great modern cities: the Canadian visa is easier to obtain and the standard of living is cheaper. Besides offering a lifestyle like the U.S. (unless this period of crisis), Canada also offers a delicious European touch in your language French in some provinces.
Vancouver, perhaps the most British of Canadian cities.

Montreal is a bilingual city, was built in the eighteenth century in the colonization era, may be surrounded by modern buildings, the architecture of bold touch. Its name comes from the heart of the hill called Mont Royal, where the park of the same name.

Toronto is unlosable Lake Ontario, Toronto is the entry of those who arrive from Brazil and the largest, most modern and rich Canadian city, a kind of New York with a pinch of british and National Parks of Canada. The CN Tower, the world’s tallest tower, is perfect for enjoying the view of the city and the lake. Toronto has many roads and tunnels covered.

Niagara Falls, is the Great Lakes region, Niagara Falls, near Bufallo on the border with the United States, deserves to be seen: there are tons of water falling with enormous impact, forming a cloud droplets. The giant water can be seen by boat or helicopter from the top.

Northern Canada, is sparsely populated and there is cold almost all year and can only be visited from May to October. His landscapes are the most spectacular in North America, with snowy mountains, lakes, water green, down the river valley, waterfalls and a large number of wild animals. A beautiful way to go in this car on Ice fields Parkway, with almost 300 km, cutting the parks of Banff and Jasper in the Rocky Mountains. You can take trips to glaciers, lakes and springs. Some of these landscapes can be admired from its surroundings.

National Parks of Canada, has other interesting national parks. These include the National Historical Park Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, the remains of Viking houses of the eleventh century (the first confirmation of man’s presence in the Americas, Europe), the Dinosaur Provincial Park in the province of Alberta, with important trace fossils 75 million years, located in a spectacular natural flora and fauna and the Wood Buffalo, with herds of bison in the wild, Nahanni National Park, with deep canyons and lots of wildlife and the other northwest of the country in the Mackenzie Mountains.

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