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Thinking of holidays, the vast majority of us draw a picture that is combined with a warm climate. Our imaginary traveler usually full of beaches, sunny city, swimsuits and sandals.

However, for those who are not afraid of boots and warm clothes for those who enjoy their breath when drawing clouds of steam, there is a wide range of options including a powerful and elusive nature at other times or places in the world.

The travel of cold are an option that is gaining adherents, for example:

The Magdalen Islands (Canada) have developed their tourism services based on activities that can develop in a place so isolated and inhospitable as the archipelago, near Newfoundland. Among them: practice kite-ski in the icy surface of the lagoons, photo safaris to observe Arctic seals, ice climbing, snowshoe walks, fishing (with a hole in the ice) versus winter camp North Atlantic and even a white carnival.

Antarctica is the strongest destination in terms of its appeal. Traveling to the end of the world, the taste of adventure in the mouth, untouched landscapes, transport difficulties, the scenarios unrepeatable, makes it the “number one destination of cold.” There the temperature does not exceed 0 in the whole year. The most usual way to get to Antarctica is aboard cruise ships have already incorporated into their menu of options. The flights are conducted from the cities of Ushuaia (Argentina) and Punta Arenas (Chile), but weather conditions do not always ensure that flights can be made. Anyway, we offer safaris and snow with some unique experiences such as walking on ice floes drifting, watching native wildlife such as penguins, elephant seals, killer whales, etc… (No, no Antarctic polar bears) and visits to scientific stations. 


The huge state of Alaska has become a focal point of attention thanks to its natural wealth (including oil) and their native species (including the governor). From Anchorage there are many opportunities to travel. Trains and roads are accessible experiences like living with a tribal Indian village Tlingi, fishing trips in icy rivers, caving in ice caves, cruise towards the end of the Aleutians, whale watching in the Arctic and photographic safaris for the golden eagle or the grizzly bear, and so on.

Alaska Railroad

With over 10 million square kilometers, Siberia name immediately evokes the hardships of living under the limit of what is humanly tolerable. Also, our heart traveler cannot but hope to climb at least once a famous stretch of the Trans-Siberian Railway that runs from Moscow to Vladivostok along over 9,000 miles. There are, however, many possibilities to discover the famous Siberian steppe and not die trying. For example, on board another train (less known): BAM or Baikal-Amur-Magistral. It opens the route of the former in Irkutsk, traveling east to Sovetskaya Gavan, in the North Pacific coast (total 4,200 km). Siberia offers us live in a nomadic settlement of Khanty ethnicity or climb to the heights of the Altai Mountains. Here the owners are bears and wolves, owners of the remotest corners as far as tourists also come despite the many degrees below zero.

Bon voyage!

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