The Everglades National Park in Florida

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If there is a paradise that should not miss the nature lovers and those who like strange and exotic trips, that is the Everglades National Park, Florida. Created in December 1947, in 1976 was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1979 and a World Heritage Site. With these premises, it is time that we know a little, huh?.

The Everglades is a vast freshwater marsh and subtropical habitats of 600,000 hectares. It is the third largest national park of United States, only behind the Death Valley and Yellowstone. Situated at the southern tip of the peninsula of Florida, just giving it back to Miami.

Airboat - Florida Everglades

Half land, half water, the Everglades are a complex and fragile ecosystem, home to thousands of threatened species of animals, birds and plants, a land covered with mangrove thickets and intricate cross in all directions labyrinthine canals with deep water names like Shark River, the Bay of Hell, the creek or river Cemetery Man Lost.

The wooden walkways, bicycle paths and hydrofoil allowed to look at the flora and fauna of mangroves peripherals, but to penetrate into the history and mystery of the Everglades is the best option for canoeing or kayaking, and preferably with a guide.

Naturalists engaged in it will show the curious inhabitants of the park: manatees, ibises, herons, osprey, white-headed sea eagles, alligators, turtles, more than 14 indigenous species of snakes, and if we are lucky, one of the last ten of Florida panthers remaining in the reserve.

Bird watchers will have a unique opportunity to observe them when they arrive flocks. In the Everglades we fish belonging to 347 species that migrate here in winter. And the plants that you like, the park has more than a thousand species for their studies beyond the rush of water, so common here that often to this area is known as the river of grass. All this combined with the beautiful light that bathes the changing landscape of the Everglades, which is unlike any other in the world, highlights the incomparable majesty of this enclave.

Park information:
The two main entrances are about 64 miles from downtown Miami, a 15 kilometers west of Homestead / Florida City and the other, the Shark Valley, on the Tamiami trail and U.S. Interstate 41. The nearest to Naples is the West on Highway 29 in Everglades City.

The Park entrance is $ 10 per car.

And within the park, canoes can be rented for $ 35 a day, kayaks for $ 45 a day, and from $ 120 per person guided trip is the one-day canoe or kayak (for a minimum of 4 people).

The park is open all year, although the best time to visit is from January to March when the weather is more favorable (no bugs), although clear, is the time when most people are.

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