The Green Spain

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Think not only of Spain, it’s just sun, sand and high-rise hotels. Spain has a land area, rich in history, unique landscapes and unparalleled beauty. One area that has its own individual attractions and is becoming a holiday destination in its own right. Welcome to the ‘Green Spain’.

In general, the area covers Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country (Basque Country). All regions are linked by a double border, the north coast with its cliffs, beaches, small ports and large cities and the mountains to the south, with its snowcapped peaks and hidden valleys.

Culture and history:

Green Spain has been inhabited since the dawn of time and wherever you go you will see fragments of past civilizations. Caves in the Basque Country are rich with prehistoric paintings. Megalithic monuments adorn the Llanada Alava and La Rioja. The history of Rome is well represented, particularly around the Camino de Santiago. Galicia has many stately homes, monasteries and monuments of history.

Nature walks:

With such a wide extension of land with a variety of landscapes is inevitable that nature has to be one of the attractions. In the Basque Country, valleys, wide and narrow covered by corn fields, grazing lands and forests. Hillsides are full of oaks. The Basque coast offers beaches and fishing villages. Asturias is a total contrast with its snow peaks dizziness offer. Here, bears, deer and wild boar roam unhindered. Nature parks are daunting. The coast offers a number of quiet beaches. In Galicia you hear the howl of the wolf always present. Explore national parks, such as the National Reserve of Saja. The freshness of the rain ensures a healthy, green landscape.

Little Switzerland por -zyber-.


The diversity of landscapes is equally matched by the diversity of sports and leisure opportunities available in Green Spain. If the visitor wishes to depart from the visit of the ancient cities or one of the hundreds of beaches, time could be spent traveling between the chain of campsites, cottages or House that runs through all regions. Some of the more active sports are here, including windsurfing, water sports, climbing, hiking, biking, horseback riding and canoeing, and some more mechanical sports such as 4×4 trips.

There is much more to learn about rural tourism in Spain, part of Green Spain.

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