The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

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Cape Town: The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

Less than two hours drive from Cape Town is one of the most legendary for sailors of centuries past, the Cape of Good Hope. To end a magnificent Atlantic coastline with beautiful cliffs and the sea is wild and untamed Cape Point and Cape Goodhope geographical point where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cape Town

Photography by clarism_4

The name of Cape of Good Hope is the first European who took the place, Barlomeu Dias in the fifteenth century. The sailor named this place as the Cape of Storms. However, King John II of Portugal renamed it to cheer the Portuguese sailors to open the route between Portugal and India, so I renamed the Cape of Good Hope. Cape of Good Hope finished the Basque sailor to cross the range and placed a cross there is now even a replica.

The southernmost point of Africa is not the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point, but that Cape Agulhas is about 300 km to the east, near Hermanus and Gansbaai.

What to do in Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope?

Cape Point is one of the places in the world with special energy, and perhaps this is because it is the place where the cold Atlantic Ocean meets the warm Indian Ocean, a place to walk around the southern whales in their migration between May and November and for its spectacular cliffs ending white beaches where you can see a horizon without contamination.

The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point

Photography by La Chiquita

Cape Point:

In the area you can find unique plants flora and fauna in the world with over 250 species of birds, antelope, zebra or a particular type. There are also ruins of the inhabitants who lived in the past 2000 years until the Dutch arrived and planted the cross range or Basque Bartolomeu Dias. This park is one of the highest cliffs in the world with 249 meters above sea level.

At Cape Point you can visit the present lighthouse, after uploading it to the hillside on foot or by bus (pay) or make a trekking a couple of hours to the Cape of Good Hope. There are many routes to treckings in the park, so you should look at a map or directions that are on the road. In the afternoon in the park you can see the Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope and from there through the afternoon you can see the colors that exist in the whole area for sunset, which are just gorgeous.

Cape of Good Hope:

How curious is the legend of a ghost ship, The Flying Dutchman (The Flying Dutchman), which has been seen for many years sailing on the horizon of the sea. Legend has it that the Flying Dutchman, captained by Hendrik van der Decken, never came to port and was condemned to sail forever. The origin of the nautical legend comes from the seventeenth century, though there are newer versions of the eighteenth century added that the ship was carrying precious treasures inside.

The ticket price of Cape Point is 75 RAND (8 €) per person and can go from 6 am to 18h of October to March and from 7am to 17h April to September. One caveat we have is to leave late closing time must pay 500 rand fine, so do specific.

Where to eat near Cape Point?

If you’re in Fishoek go to eat at the Olympia Café, a bar and a bakery where you can eat a delicious menu every day. Usually there’s a line and you must point your name on a blackboard. The place is worth the wait for their quality and price. !Ah! Later after 15 hours and do not serve food, so hurry!.

Good Hope and Cape Point

Photography by olmed0

Good luck!

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