Slovenia: Piran Summer

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Italian flavors and spirit with medieval coastal city bathing in the Adriatic Sea is like a sculpture carved by Michelangelo. On the site you can see the roofs of Slovenia. Almost like a picture perfect, the medieval walled city speaks of respect and Slovenes are the jewels of its past.

Piran Summer

Photography by Resident on Earth

City View:

On a clear summer morning, the promenade paved the coastal town of Piran was full of bronzed men watching a lot of women topless and lying along the rocky beach. Piran, however, is not in the French Riviera, and is not a sleepy Italian village of fishermen, despite the abundance of pizzerias, Gothic churches and Venetian restaurants with names like Verdi Inn.


Piran, strange as it may seem, is in Slovenia, between Italy and Croatia over the northern tip of the Adriatic Sea. And this medieval village with a population of 5 000 souls has gained the reputation as the crown jewel of the north coast of the Adriatic.

Slovenia: Piran Summer

Photography by Resident on Earth

Site characteristics:

Receive travelers looking for the extensive vineyards Tuscan style, incomparable scenery and delicious Italian food, without having to endure the crowds of tourists, hotels and exorbitant prices without charm lately seem to have been present in Italy.


Piran is located on a peninsula in decline and is a maze of orange roofs, crumbling walls and a square marble facades surrounded by Michelangelo himself could have carved. On weekends, the square is crowded with people enjoying the outdoor theater, dance and chamber music.

While the town is officially bilingual (Slovenian and Italian) cuisine of fresh fish and pasta is unmistakably Italian. And for good reason: Piran was ruled by Venice for 500 years. Typical Slovenian food usually composed of some form of sausages and puddings pasta stuffed with meat, only makes brief and infrequent appearances on the plates. Checkered tablecloths and music, mostly recordings of Puccini, complete the effect. The place is still a fishing village and feels almost exactly as it was during the Venetian empire.

Slovenia of Travel tips

Photography by Resident on Earth

Restaurants with fine dining are aligned on the esplanade near the sea. There you can drink refošk, local red wine, eating seafood and typical dishes of Piran: thin slices of sea bass or grilled squid in olive oil (32 dollars). On a clear night, the action moves to the bedroom terrace, which overlooks the blue Adriatic and can clearly see the twinkling lights of Trieste.

Bon voyage!

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