Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

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Known as the main town for the fashion in Germany, Düsseldorf is a city located on the banks of the River Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia, which has an amazing music movement, which can be clearly seen in its commercial streets, we can also find a great industry for the production of automobiles and textiles all current movement that tells the city would be amazing to know that after more than 80% of its territory was destroyed in World War II.

Sightseeing in Dusseldorf

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Among the highlights we can find several buildings and monuments which are very good representatives of different architectural styles, this is where stands the church of St. Andreas. In case you did not know, we tell you that this is a Jesuit church built in 1629 and shows an excellent example of baroque style. To know one must turn to the historical city center. Continuing with our religious path can visit the Basilica of St. Lambertus, which is located in Stiftsplatz 9. It is a Gothic building dating from the fourteenth century. It is worth mentioning that both have an impressive interior decor and in outward appearance.

Shopping in Düsseldorf

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We can also walk through an avenue of a commercial nature’s most famous and exclusive world. In this regard it is worth mentioning Konigsallee (“Avenida de los Reyes” in Spanish) where you can find the latest trends in fashion and accessories, visit highly recommended for those who enjoy the world of fashion.

Guide Dusseldorf:

There are several attractive sites in the city of Düsseldorf, each with its own appeal for different types of people, just a matter of properly prepare your travel route and leave you trapped by the wonders that this city offers.

You can find a vast amount of restaurants where you can sample the cuisine from all over the world, one can find several places to get Spanish food in Wibbel Gasse Schneider, a small street located in the historic center where you should not let pass.

It also provides plenty of Japanese cuisine of the highest quality, this thanks to Düsseldorf is home to the largest Japanese community in the entire European continent.

Sure, they could not miss the classics and German taverns, we can find about 260 (most within a perimeter of one square kilometer), having as very attractive production of its own beer in many of these taverns. A curious fact may be mentioned that Düsseldorf has the record for the longest bar in the world tavern

Also bad would not take a picture of Wilhelm Marx Haus, known for being the first skyscraper in Germany, a building that since 1924 has become an important part of the city. It is important to know that your surroundings you will find variety of hotels for the night. You can find accommodation from $ 50 per night.

As you may have noticed from, Düsseldorf has attractions for everyone and that we did not mention the 19 museums that counts.

Dusseldorf Guide

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Carnival in Dusseldorf:

One of the biggest festivals held every year in Germany is the Carnival of Dusseldorf, where the city currently located in North Rhine-Westphalia is overflowing with joy and customs, making this celebration an attractive activity for tourists.

First of all we must inform you that Dusseldorf is one of the most populated cities in Germany, also stands out for its elegant streets, especially in trade exclusive Königsallee Street, which is why it is known as the economic center of the country. If you get here you can opt for several airlines such as Air Berlin and Iberia offer flights at a lower cost of 120 euros, starting from various cities in Spain.


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Let us return to the theme of Carnival. You will be interested to know that this event is celebrated manners during the month of November, the date on which you will find hundreds of extras parading in the streets. Feel like wear a costume and be part of the party?

Everything starts from Monday. That day the tourists from various parts of the world cram the streets and lit by the flashes of their cameras the colorful and extravagant costumes, the floats decorated, all to the beat of music

Another one of its busiest days are Saturdays, the date on which celebrates what is known as “The Race Fags.” Funny name right? For it is a race where men disguised as women, including pantyhose and high heels, running through the streets of the city. Not only will qualify to arrive faster, but the most rare and exotic attire.

What singular distraction!

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