Santorini: a dream in the Cyclades islands

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Oia - Santorini

Close your eyes: imagine a village of whitewashed walls, white ceilings and colored domes, small streets that the steep slopes of a mountain until you descend into a rabidly blue sea, relaxation, tranquility, taste traditional peoples locked in time past, the sky too blue harbor under his cloak the most amazing stories of remote living myths …

Santorini, whom the Venetians named in honor of St. Irene, a part of the Cyclades, with over two hundred islands scattered across the perfect blue of the Aegean Sea that evoke ancient legends and mythologies, which are the true essence of the past and the Greek culture.

The port of Santorini is literally awash with yachts, boats and cruises. From Kamari, his most famous beach, black sand, a result of eruptions that occurred some time ago on the volcano that shaped the island, will have the first sensations of the island. Vertical walls of volcanic rock that welcomes people of a pure white. Narrow streets that climb and switchbacks, and up in the mountains, breathtaking panoramic views.

Among continuous Byzantine architectural details, we arrived at Fira (or Thira), the capital, almost suspended on the very brink of the volcano. And that is that volcano, which in its day and Thirasia around Santorini, erupted around 1635 BC Practically the island disappeared. Today, much of the island is under water, and even many historians have likened to the famous Atlantis and what was formed on the surface that is so characteristic horseshoe shape today. Three islands surrounding what is now known as the «Caldera» (the place erupted and was under the sea): Thera, and Thirasia Aspronisi. Right in the center of the caldera there are three tiny islands that are uninhabited. This was the sinking, one of the cliffs and they were cut so that part was on the surface, almost 300 meters above sea level. In Firá have everything needed to pass the time you need, nightlife, bars, pubs, clubs, and day, restaurants, museums, churches, etc.. Just churches, more than 500 across the island. The classic Byzantine building with a blue dome, white walls, and the Greek cross, dominated by the central dome.

Another small town is in the far north of the island also has a special charm, but above all there, we can enjoy the terraces of its bars and restaurants, literally hanging over the sea. However, we must be willing to pay an extra price. Monilithos and Perissa are two other towns which are characterized above all by its beaches. Nor should we stop to visit Akrotiri, a Minoan city that was found under the volcanic ashes of that explosion.


As anywhere in the world, we must not leave without tasting the typical dishes of the cuisine of Santorini, the «soulaki» (a kind of moruno skewer) and «gyros» (cake filled with meat, tomato, lettuce and onion — a kind of kebab-we). The dolmadakia (roll of rice wrapped in grape leaves) and Tzatziki (creamy yogurt with grated cucumber and garlic) are also delicious. And for dessert, of course, the famous Greek yogurt. Drinking liquor is typical Ouzo (an aniseed-kind). in terms of price, find everything, but eating in Greece is not expensive, very much in the style of some small cities in Spain.

This is very similar to ours, with very high summer heat, above 30 ° in winter and pleasant temperatures, around 10-15 º.

Public transports:
Taxis are often shared at times. There are ferries that take you to the islands. Firá and climb up there that lead mules.

Most are traditional handicrafts: textiles, ceramics and jewelry.
Come and enjoy the story in the Greek Cyclades and envelops you in the beautiful sunsets of the island.

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