San Luis and Senegal, the African Venice

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San Luis is the former colonial capital of the country and a World Heritage Site since 2000. From his time as a former French colony have been colonial houses, but in a few streets badly paved. The French gave him that name in honor of King Louis XIV. Despite the less glamorous, San Luis is a city full of color and charm.

It is the northernmost city in Senegal and is the closest to the Canaries from here leaving many boats (canoes), in search of a dream, a dream as simple as being able to live with dignity.

San Luis was founded on an island at the mouth of the Senegal River, but is connected to the mainland via a metal bridge designed by Gustave Eiffel, the tower. They say that in principle, this bridge was to cross the Danube in Vienna or Budapest, but by some mystery unsolved appeared in Senegal. Some say they were wrong when it comes to boats and it is a work of the school Eiffel for the Danube, but in the end decided to convert for use in San Luis. This bridge is called Faidherbe and is always full of people who crossed in both directions.

One of the most beautiful colonial house is the Maison des Signares and walking while you go find other buildings of the colonial period as the Governor’s House or Lazaretto. It also highlights the Cathedral and the main building of the city’s Grand Mosque.

On the side of the bridge is on the peninsula, that is not on the island of San Luis, is the majority of the fishing population. In this neighborhood visit the Muslim cemetery of Fishermen graves adorned with nets. On this side of the bridge there is a market and you should not miss the lighthouse.

Near San Luis 20 km, is the National Park the langue of Barbarie, a peaceful island where you can get a boat and where I recommend you stay to spend at least one night. Sure to mount a festival with the help of the people who live there and end up dancing and playing drums.

Just 60 miles north of San Luis, you cannot lose Djoudj Park, the third largest bird reserve in the world. Situated on the border with Mauritania and is the first place where birds find water after crossing the Sahara. Here are millions of aquatic birds and if you visit in winter even more because, during this season, the birds are best left until it comes time. There are also crocodiles, snakes and the path that crosses a gazelle and even a monkey. Entry is paid, not much and then join in a tour of the boat is not expensive and is not recommended because if you do not see anything. To hire a taxi to arrive in St. Louis and before boarding the price of agree return.

Park Oiseaux du Djoudj. Senegal por acheemete.

If you visit this park, it is advisable to bring insect repellent and use it, especially when approaching night. If you do not eat mosquito live.

While San Luis, you may seem a somewhat disastrous city, will captivate you from the moment you arrive you’ll know why this is to live with new sensations and what really easy.

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