Cape Verde: The cultural fusion of Portuguese and African

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The volcanic Republic of Cape Verde is an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Senegal, in the fifteenth century was used as a center for the Portuguese slave trade. Apart from the beaches that offer these islands, you can enjoy the mountain scenery and offering impressive volcanoes, delicious seafood dishes, culture and an attractive product mix African and Portuguese, which is reflected in music and various celebrations.

Cape Verde enjoys a tropical climate moderated by trade winds and constant temperatures throughout the year. The rainy season, during which the amount of rainfall is unpredictable, takes place between August and October. Despite the rains, this is the best time to visit the archipelago.

Requirements and Information:
The official currency is the Cape Verdean escudo (CVE) that may change in the exchange office at the airport and in the different banks. While you can also cash traveler’s checks, these commissions are very high. To avoid additional charges should be checks in U.S. dollars or pounds sterling. ATMs in Sal, Praia and Sao Vincent. International credit cards for wider use, especially MasterCard and Visa are accepted at most hotels and restaurants. You can also request cash advances on credit cards at banks, but again, the commissions are very high.
While the only requirement for vaccination for those who come from an area infected with yellow fever are also recommended to take precautions against typhoid and hepatitis A. On the island of Santiago is a small risk of malaria between September and November. We recommend bottled water because the tap is not safe, and take into account that milk and dairy products are not pasteurized. Medical facilities are limited and often missing some drugs. Visitors can receive free treatment in hospitals with only your passport, however, it is recommended to obtain insurance coverage for medical emergencies and repatriation.

Tourists Attractions:
Sao Vicente, the second largest island of Cape Verde, is home to the port city of Mindelo, the happier the country. There you can enjoy the best bars and restaurants from Cape Verde, from the hectic nightlife and see the beautiful homes of the colonial past of the island. Furthermore, Sao Vicente has incredible beaches, particularly those of Lake Baia das Gatas, formed by volcanic activity, and the Sao Pedro, visited by hundreds of winsurfers.

Sal, a desert island, is the place where the international airport and the one chosen by many European tourists to enjoy the benefits of the tropics without contact with the locals. Some of the places worth visiting on the island are the people of Santa Maria, the heart of the action, offering white beaches and crystalline waters, the town of Espargos full of major restaurants, shops and bars, and Palmeira, the main port. Additionally, you can visit the salt lake of Pedra de Lume and a volcanic crater or a short trip to the nearby island of Boavista, famous for its dunes.

Sao Tiago, the main island of the archipelago and is located in Praia, the capital, also has several places to offer its visitors. It is on this island where the African culture and traditions are kept and displayed in better markets and various festivals are held throughout the year. In the capital you can visit an interesting archaeological museum and marina, just north of the downtown area, the beautiful beaches and Beach Quebra-Canela Sea Cidade Velha (Old City), the first Portuguese town of the island and old to the slave trade, one can climb to enjoy the spectacular view of the strong real Sao Felipe, walk along cobbled streets and imposing stone buildings to see, to know the cathedral, visit the town of Sao Domingos, or relax on the beaches of the picturesque town Tarrafal fishing.

Cape Verde is one of the best organized carnavals Africans, the main event of the country. Besides highlighting the street parades of Praia and Mindelo. The festival is celebrated Tabanka between music and abstinence in Sao Tiago and Fogo during May and June.

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