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Our virtual tour takes us to the stunning Patagonian on an itinerary that includes the Ancient, Lago Posadas, the Cueva de las Manos, Perito Moreno National Park and Petrified Forest. It is a pleasure to sleep watching the endless steppe of the window, literally in the middle of nowhere. Sleeping in a Patagonian ranch is like the ideal of a peaceful sleep, away from the loud noises of the urban world.

A tour of the rooms in the inhospitable north of Santa Cruz is a cruise air travel which requires a minimum of ten days. The itinerary also visit remote places and incredible beauty as the Petrified Forest Natural Monument and the Cave of the Hands, or natural and true secrets: the incredible scenery of the Camino del Monte Cevallos, geological oddities such as the Arc and Lago Posadas Perito Moreno National Park.


The best starting point is the city of Comodoro Rivadavia in the south coast of Chubut, where you can rent a car for the entire journey. The first destination of the trip is the Mary Aike Estancia, about 280 kilometers from Comodoro on National Route 3.

En route to Los Antiguos:

From Mary Aike, following the Route 43 west, you pass through the town of Perito Moreno to continue on to Los Antiguos, near the beautiful Lake Buenos Aires, almost on the border with Chile. In The Ancients, you can spend the night in a hotel or stay in nearby La Serena, to continue travel south parallel to the Andes, by the dazzling Camino del Monte Zeballos. It is advisable not to make this journey in one fewer rainy days that have an appropriate vehicle.

El Camino del Monte Zeballos (Provincial Route 41) should do so without trouble to make a stop at the site where strange shapes called basaltic dikes. Seen from the road and stone blades seem to climbing the mountain slopes. The final destination is the village of Hipolito Yrigoyen, 170 km from the Ancient Ones.

The main attraction at Hipolito Yrigoyen are its lakes Posadas and Pueyrredon, separated by a narrow isthmus through which a road leading to the estancia Suyai, A Pueyrredón Lake. The origin of the residence goes back to the twenties, when he belonged to the firm Casa Folch, owner of a ship carrying wool from Australia, sailing on Lake Argentino-Chileno. La Estancia, which occupied about 2500 acres, had a tavern and a general store, whose long wooden counter and shelves have been preserved until today.

Perito Moreno National Park:

At this point in the travel tour to the north of Santa Cruz, landscapes have dazzled both the traveler assumes that there is not much to discover. However, to reach the Perito Moreno National Park (not to be confused with the Glacier National Park, where the famous Perito Moreno), they all wonder why this park is best known. And the only explanation is their lLejanía and isolation.

At the park, the Patagonian surprised once again not only for its beauty but also because it presents a profile unlike any other, with non-forested mountain scenery in the middle Andes. Since the area Hands Cave is reached by Route 40 south, after passing through Bajo Caracoles, to take Provincial Route 37 west. Where we take a lodging. There are two possibilities of accommodation in the area of National Park Perito Moreno: La Estancia Menelik and The Oriental. Menelik, which was created in 1920 a German immigrant named John Brodner. With the crisis in the countryside in the 90s, The room remained closed for several years, until in 1988 a corporation acquired the reopened for tourism with all amenities.

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Generally, guests stay two nights. Some visit the national park in two days and also doing some ride or walk into the room, which borders the park. The stay gives access to activities of the rural task as the tame of foals, sheep shearing or butchering of a cow. All travelers arriving by car, since there are no providers that offer trips to the park.

The alternative to visit the Perito Moreno National Park. Estancia La Oriental, with a much more rustic. The original owners were a Uruguayan who settled in the area between 1915 and 1918. The East has some 21 thousand hectares, of which six thousand are in the park. In this protected area, the stay can not raise cattle, you should only provide services for tourism.

The average room times is two or three nights and are held several excursions: a half-day Burmeister Lake, which empties into the Atlantic, and a length equal to the Peninsula of Lago Belgrano. One of the most stunning walks Stuck Stone is made in a 4×4 truck with a guide of stay ($ 150, up to four people). The room also has a campsite with electricity, bathrooms and showers with hot water and cooking.

Bon Voyage!

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