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Many people are tired of traditional tourism, the one that leads us to meet the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, one that turned up some years ago in a travel cliché. Today, there are different types of passengers, each with a particular taste and therefore we can now find a variety of infinite choices and trends in travel and tourism topics.


Photography by andresmh

Today we will talk on Rural Tourism that type of tourism, which until recently was only privileged young hippies and backpackers. True, years ago, maybe the adults did not dare to practice rural tourism because the accommodation, especially from Third World countries, did not offer the comforts of a hotel. But now everything has changed and we can find beautiful places to stay and nothing higher prices. So if you forget the stress of the city noise and smog is nothing better than a few days away to the fields, the contact with nature and the tranquility of the remote villages.

Peru is a very interesting and conducive to practice rural tourism. Why? Because through their territory find divine landscapes, biodiversity, people of friendly people, and especially a long history in archaeological remains. It is also a country that is extremely cheap, especially for European tourists. That is why this country now offers its visitors many opportunities for experiential tourism, rural or community, to enjoy the traditions of the place such as local cuisine, party manners, among others.

Rural Tourism in Peru

Photography by Peter Shanks

What we want is time to publicize other interesting routes. Undoubtedly there are those who enjoy visiting the main attractions of the country and stay at a five star hotel, but some people would like to choose new routes, more personalized and who knows even unknown, far from tourist groups. So Peru is a great country for the practice of rural tourism. On its territory you can choose between three types of destinations: coastal, mountain and forest, and within each region, each province and each city has unique customs left full of joy to all who deign to set foot on their land.

At the heart of Peru, in remote villages, we forget the all-inclusive and Caribbean cocktails. Here the attraction is to share with a peasant family, see a sunrise Andean look closely to the vicuna and llamas strolling around us, breathing the air of heaven and enjoy a “barbecue” prepared in the “Pachamama” or Mother Earth. This is actually a smooth ride and comforting. Forget then the noise and pollution of big cities and enjoy, even for a few days of the wonder of the people of Peru. Think about it, well come home with a physical break, the most important thing is that you will return renewed in mind and soul.

Rurals Tourism in Peru

Photography by Peter Shanks

Bon voyage!

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