Rural tourism in Lima

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For sightseeing in Lima, this offers a varied tourist attraction for those visiting the capital of the republic, one only has to travel several hours outside the city. Lima offers visitors the opportunity to conduct archaeological and cultural tourism, sun and sand, nature, medicine, rural, and gastronomic adventure.
Started by the north, home to Huaraz, Oyon, Cajatambo and Barranca, in the area can visit the citadel of Caral, considered the oldest civilization of America, with 5 000 years old, where we can see traces of six pyramids and 32 public monuments are also nearby hills Lachay, Chancay and Huaral.

In Chancay we Chacra y Mar beach, where you can visit the Krishna temple Eco Truly Park and along the Chancay Valley lies the archaeological site of The shicras contemporaneous with Caral and in the mountains of Huaraz are archaeological settlements Chiprac Rupac and ideal for a walk and then finish in the thermal baths of Santa Catalina Macaw.

Another site is Huacho, a town that offers a range of comfortable hotels for the night, from here you can visit archaeological sites and Vichama Bandurria. Take a tour of the Supe valley and enjoy its natural scenery, on reaching the coast is obliged to visit the archaeological site of Rough, Fortress Paramonga Pativilca Bolivarian Museum and spend the night at Barranca.  

The beaches north of Lima and center are excellent, among these we have the beach the Stove, Paradise and Tambo de Mora in Huara Chorrillos and Miraflores, in Barranca. In Supe find and the Island Creek Vidal Another interesting offers regarding nature tourism are the Albufera Medio Mundo and Paradise where you can make the observation of tens of migratory birds, these are places recognized internationally for that activity. Oyón is another very popular sites for its thermal baths and Huancahuasi Churín, Sayan is another of the locations to visit in the area, popular at feasts and delicious alfajores.

In the south of Lima are in the towns of Cañete, Huarochiri Yauyos and belonging to the Cañete river basins and Mala, there are many beaches, we recommend the beaches of Arica, Bujama, Totoritas and Cerro Azul, it emphasize that these beaches are great places to camp. The Asian Spa is located on the route and we can use to enjoy baths Chilca. If you want to taste excellent wines and pisco, Santa Cruz de Azpitia is the district to see in the Mala River. We in the south, the San Antonio district is another place to visit, famous for the production of excellent apples and close is popular for its shrimp Calango available throughout the year, you can also visit the petroglyphs in the area and by Of course his church is so pretty.

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In the valley of Cañete is Lunahuaná, recognized worldwide for its wine and pisco made by hand, and the appropriate settings for adventure sports like canoeing, hiking, climbing, hang gliding, mountain biking, among others, can also Unanue visit the Castle and the National Reserve Nor Yauyos.

Lunahuana Peru, White water rafting por

In the downtown area are Singing, Huarochiri and Yauyos, this area is ideal for adventure tourism, the waterfall and the beautiful forest Palakala Zarate expected. The area is also Markahuasi Plateau, place to spend a moment of relaxation and mysticism.

Rural tourism in Lima

In Sing is the beautiful town of Santa Rosa de Quives, the journey can enjoy the landscape of small towns and their fields of warm and pleasant throughout the year. Frequented massively Easter and August. Another place that is located in the area are Huamantanga and Obrajillo, places of beautiful natural landscapes and delicious cuisine dominated the guinea pig and trout. Finally we mention the valley of Cañete and North Yauyos, beautiful valley, offering a fertile soils, one of the attractions to visit is the cataract of Huancayo.

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