Route of “Tapas” in Granada

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Visit Granada’s always an enjoyable and full of charm. Whether it is the first time, there are many places to discover and taste Granada will always find a place, a view or a new tapas bar in your exercise target travelers.

Tour in search of Tapas

Photography by Flesh7

Granada tour in search of “Tapas”

Tapas in Granada is more than tradition. It is a social convention, a delightful excuse to enjoy the city, the environment and good conversation while sipping the numerous tapas that accompany free of charge to a wine, a cold beer or other refreshment. Read well, this appetizer is free in Granada.

Thus Granada Covers not only distinguished by their abundance. Besides the variety of products makes our taste buds to a yield of 100% to not miss any of the nuances of fine dining Granada and Andalusia. Stews, meats, sausages, fried fish, or even mini-hamburgers, croquettes … It is recommended to avoid places where snacks and tapas place, because they tend to put more bread accompaniment and if we can find to get a little more traditional local dishes more attractive.

A legend: the Reventaero

In Granada there are many bars that offer value for money very good, but the Reventaero, the Camino de Ronda, is perhaps one of the most popular. His legend is passed from student to student and traveler to traveler. Served on the premises so abundant rations with three tapas can no longer continue to eat and to crown it all, their name already implies, the cafe will serve the last “Top”, where the dessert is usually a custard or a sweet.

Tapas in Granada

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Tips for lunch:

If possible, it is best to see the local on weekdays and from Friday through Sunday is almost impossible to find room even standing.  Other very good tapas bars and wineries are less crowded area Elvira Castañeda, La Riviera in the street or Casa Julio Cetti Meriem, there you will find delicious fish specialty and is located on the street stalls.

The centers of the city and around the street Navas focus many tapas bars, but it is a popular tourist area and the portions are usually more scarce and expensive than in other areas of the city. Even if by location, comfort and environment, we decided to do a tapas in the area, recommend a stop at one of these bars: Bar Los Diamantes (specializing in fried fish), the River bar, the vestry, or Abbey.

The dishes do not miss:

Granada’s cuisine incorporates the same influences as its history and architecture. It is usual to detect the Moorish and Jewish contributions to some of the more traditional dishes. Stand crumbs cooked in myriad ways, the fried potatoes, beans with ham, cod and soak Granada and the famous orange tortilla Sacromonte.

Route of

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If you do not know where to go for your next getaway or bridge, we recommend a visit to Granada; sure you will not regret it. To be able to prepare the trip of the most economical way, here are some links to find cheap flights and hotels.


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