Nantes and monsters dreamed up by Jules Verne

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In the former shipyards of Nantes, presents a majestic elephant walk 12 meters parsimoniously by the banks of the Loire River, a huge sea monsters emerging from a renovated units and a huge port hanging gardens begin to sprout. They are mechanical structures that seem to have escaped from a book by Jules Verne, Nantes illustrious son of inspiration and driving force of the Machines de l’Ile, a unique cultural space extending the tourist attractions this placid town gala.

Nantes and monsters dreamed

Photography by traaf

Port of its glorious past as the axis of the triangular trade between mainland France, Africa and the Caribbean, just nothing left after the construction of a large modern port in Saint Nazaire at the mouth of river. Only the Titan crane, which was declared cultural heritage, stunning and striking survives with its intense yellow color in the Isle of Nantes, where it went and entered the ocean vessels that fed the early childhood fantasies of Jules Verne.

Instead of falling into idle lamentations, local authorities have opted for a model urban renewal of this vast expanse island surrounded by the waters of the river near town. Here the imagination and ingenuity are being brought by unpublished projects and the Gallery of Machines, where children and adults can dream of Verne’s imaginary worlds or precursor to his time machines of Leonardo da Vinci.

Nantes and monsters dreamed up by Jules Verne

Photography by traaf

Fruit of artistic originality and Pierre Orefice Delarozière François, key figures in the French street theater company Royal de Luxe, since 2007 the gallery has a whole bestiary born mechanic, whose star is a huge elephant that groans, roars and loose jets of water while on board up to forty-five passengers. Have also been built and some of the whales, and manta ray fish or pirate, who were among the large carousel of 25 meters and 20 meters in diameter that is scheduled to open in the winter of 2011-12.

monsters dreamed up by Jules Verne

Photography by traaf

The squid jet is another marine animals:

Nantes The historic port is undergoing a metamorphosis that unusual allows the integration of an amusement park in the urban fabric and the public’s interaction with the monumental mechanical sculptures. Thus, it has enabled former hangar storage of bananas in an area of nightlife with bars, clubs and restaurants. However, the most ambitious project is the production of the Heron Tree, a huge steel structure 45 meters in diameter and 28 meters high that will house incredible hanging gardens with plants from around the world. In anticipation, one of the ships of the Gallery of Machines has risen one of the huge tree branches, where they can climb visitors observing from a bay, the work of the craftsmen who made the machines.

If Jules Verne Nantes took inspiration to create underwater journey to the center of the earth or to the Moon, his hometown is engaging and imaginative spirits holds surprises that are beyond their city limits. Not for nothing is also the gateway to the Loire Valley where it spread the most impressive castles in France. But that’s another story.

Enjoy your travel experience in Nantes!

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    I am fortunate to live close to Nantes and I have the chance to go near the machines when I go to work. This is an exhibition that I recommend. (Sorry for my bad english)

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