Monserrate: incredible view of Bogota from above

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Monserrate above Bogota por Schmidt-Family.

Bogota is a city that deserves to be engaging and discovered. Thus a good choice is to appreciate it from the top, then walk through all those places that were seen in the distance. Thus, without doubt, an excellent visual of the Colombian capital is provided by the Cerro de Monserrate which has an altitude of 3152 meters over sea level.

But this place is not only a site that comes in search of an overview of the city, but is also an important destination of pilgrimage for thousands and thousands of believers who reach the summit to meet with the church of La Santa Marta Monserrate Cruz to finish building towards 1657.

Thus, every year large numbers of faithful come to the site to pray, to thank and ask. But without doubt, Easter is the time when the focuses more people arriving at the temple after walking up there and stop to pray at the fourteen Stations of the Cross that are on the road.
Meanwhile, athletes also choose this place to exercise and perform the ascent walking or running. Thus, not surprisingly, to visit the Cerro de Monserrate, visitors will cross with people engaging in physical activity.

Of course, unfortunately, those who visit this site now until about February 2010, may not reach the summit via the footpath and that it has been closed for safety reasons. This is so because the City authorities had discovered that the road hazards of collapse and, accordingly, are already carried out the relevant works to reassure visitors.

Thus, to climb to the top there are two options: the cable car and funicular. Both means of transport have been put there, according to authorities, “without breaking the harmony of nature or disturbing the landscape and facilitating access for people who are unable or unwilling to do so on foot.

Thus, the cable car began operating in 1955 and has two cabins that carry a maximum of 40 passengers each. The trip lasts only four minutes … four minutes in which visitors can appreciate the wonderful landscape thanks to its large windows, vegetation and the contrast with the towering city down there.

For its part, the cable car passes since 1929 but in 2003, was updated. A small train that slowly opens way to the top of Monserrate hill to get there to passengers eager to learn to Bogota from above.

A walk must for all who wish to find an incredible panorama of the capital. For the monks who will find there a beautiful temple. And of course, for food lovers will have the chance to eat in restaurants either running on the Hill and that in addition to an interesting letter, offer an incredible environment thanks to its buildings and the environment made in the within them.

Bogota from above, one recommended for your trip to the beautiful Colombia.

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  1. Travis Says:

    The view is amazing a I can highly recommend it. You get a totally different perspective of the city from the mountain.

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