Colombia: Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

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A temple in a different frame, made with unique materials. A unique temple that stands in the salt mines of Zipaquira, in the Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia. This is the Salt Cathedral, in addition to a religious center and pilgrimage, is a more attractive offering for all that country.

Located 48 kilometers from the capital, can be arrived at Parque de la Sal, site that is the cathedral, on board a tourist train which can be seen from the road. Meanwhile, those wishing to get the faster they can do so by car.

Once inside the park visitors can enjoy an area of 32 hectares entirely dedicated to mining and in particular to salt. Ideal to learn more about the issue differently.

Colombia 2007 por Doctorlo.

But of course, undoubtedly, is the Catedral de Sal the main attraction of this site. An underground temple which was first opened in 1954 and it stopped working around 1992.

For its part, the current cathedral begun in 1991 after a design contest in which he was elected the project architect Roswell Garavito Pearl, a project become reality and opened its doors in 1995.

A site that makes every step and to the temple was lost track of time, not hear any sound and everything is illuminated through a dim light. A mysterious place, overwhelming, shocking.

Thus, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is divided into three main sections. The first is the ambulatory or Via Crucis whose stations, which are small altars carved in rock salt, are positioned along the tunnel from the entrance to the dome.

The second section, meanwhile, is precisely the Dome, next to the ramp down and balconies. Thus, from the top can appreciate a large cross from there, visitors can get to the balcony, the choir and the stairs of the labyrinth of the court.

Finally, the third section is comprised of ships from the Cathedral where they can appreciate different and very attractive artworks including sculptures stand in salt and marble. Right there the cross also stands 16 meters tall and huge columns. Note that every detail of the cathedral has a strong religious symbolism, and nothing is left to chance.

A mixed experience the mystical, religious, cultural and adventure of entering the depths surrounded by salt, far from isolated from everyone.

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