Mondariz Thermal Center of Spain

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Balneario de Mondariz (Pontevedra) por orbellal.

The Mondariz Spa is a municipality located in the Spanish province of Pontevedra in the autonomous community of Galicia. according to the archaeological remains found in the area are believed to have been inhabited since prehistoric times and in Roman times.

We found remains of Roman amphorae, pottery and bronze coins, and the remains of a Roman road and bridge Cernadela, also Roman.  Currently Mondariz Spa Hotel holds the title of «very hospitable villa, granted by Alfonso XIII in gratitude for the good treatment received as many times visited the large hotel. The Mondariz Spa is a magical place that offers tourists an atmosphere of charm, luxury and tranquility.

Mondariz is a unique destination for relaxation, leisure and rests, now one of the best hot spring resorts of Spain, Hotel Spa Mondariz like the spa Toxa, are considered gold standards of hydrotherapy in Galicia.

Mondariz also has a great offer recreational and natural areas, recreational areas in which to practice leisure activities, all within a beautiful natural landscape around the environment. Everyone can make a delicious tour to visit the city to visit both places for leisure and fun as the areas of golf that has 45 acres with the services necessary to provide comfort to visitors. During the tour you can observe native flora which include large trees, which are tea beside the river where you can enjoy the sandy beach and calm waters. At the end of tour you get to the Hotel Melia is the hot springs resort spa Borough Mondariz.

Rio Xabriña-Muiños de Mouriscados por eiras1.

Another activity that can be done in Mondariz freshwater fishing, hiking biking and walking routes by differences in the spa, horseback riding, also enjoy the water fountain located in the upper part of the city , which is the ideal place to spend summer days.  Between River and Paseo De Tea Troncoso, you can practice canoeing on the outskirts of the municipality is located Villasabroso Fortress Castle, perched on a hilltop where you can see several municipalities in the region.

Another attraction is Mondariz Cernadela Bridge, built of stone from Roman times, silent witness of the city’s imperial past.

puente romano de Cernadela por teresalaLoba por TeresalaLoba.

Technical data:
Spring Name: Manantial de Troncoso.
Temperature: 14.5 º
Others: Discovered in 1862 by Domingo Balco location, but apparently this source was already known before. Declared a public on 16 June 1873.
Name Manantial: Fuente del Val.
Temperature: 18 º – 20º.
Gandara and Troncoso are used in drinking water management
Others: Discovered in 1872 by D. Sabino Peinador Enrique Vela.

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