Mildford Strait in New Zealand

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Mildford Sound Waterfall por palkeshbrd.

Australians say, and rightly so of the world, we will not negate, the Great Barrier Reef is the eighth wonder of the world. But for Rudyard Kipling and the majority of New Zealanders, the Strait of Milford in Fiordland National Park, is the real eighth wonder. And we can say without doubt that they lack reason. If you do not know this place, it is time for us virtually come and see for yourself.

How to get there?
This is perhaps one of the few drawbacks of the trip. To travel to New Zealand will have to stop, so the flight will take us about 20-24 hours. Our airport is that of Christchurch, and from there flights to Fiordland National Park are plentiful, as it is one of the most visited places in the country.

Strait Mildford:
New Zealanders, who do not mind that Kiwis call them, disagree with the Australians. Milford for them is much like the first or the second wonder of the world. In any case, what is certain is that it is the most famous of the dozen that make up the grand majestic fjords and idyllic Natural Park of the Land of the Fjords, on the southwest coast of South Island.

The entrance to the fjord, 15 kilometers long, is surrounded by steep granite cliffs reaching measure 1200 meters, with beautiful waterfalls rushing from the crest of the mountains. The playful dolphins, bears and sea gulls consider this place as their home, and the penguins nest here in New Zealand in October and November before leaving for Antarctica.

Miter Peak is the center of this habitat, a pinnacle of 1695 meters high, reflected in the calm water like a mirror is one of the most photographed images of the Pacific. The aerial excursions are an excellent choice for capturing the beauty of this place. In addition, there are boats leaving most of the time to do two hours of cruising through the Strait of quiet beauty.

On land, the path walker Milford is one of the best in the world. This is a hike of 50 kilometers in length to more walkers from all over the world dream of travel, despite the flies, which are surprisingly plentiful here, the rain is still falling, but not torrential at any time and exhausting journey, which requires as much attention as the spectacular scenery. Oh, incidentally, also not miss the road between Te Anau and Milford Strait, 120 miles with beautiful views known as the Milford Road.

Doubtful Strait
To get more in the National Park of the Land of the Fjords require up to four modes of transport, the last of them being the boat that takes us to Doubtful Strait, the deepest and one of the most beautiful fjords NZ. When you turn off the engines of the boat, you will be surrounded by centuries of silence in one of the most remote and magical places on earth, ideal for those who love the exotic and a trip to lose really. Even the legendary Captain Cook was confident that these waters were close, and hence its name, which in English means dubitative.

Doubtful is ten times larger than Milford, but far less known. That is why it maintains an element of mystery and is closed to such excursions by boat and air that can spoil a visit to Milford. You only get two ships, one at each end and outside the line of sight of the other, allowing us to dream that we are alone in this exquisite corner of unspoiled nature completely.

But it rains a lot, but even the wet days are beautiful, as arising spontaneously falls as outputs of nowhere, whose sound is hidden under a blanket of mist and mystery. Actually, I do not know how long will you wait to discover this marvel …

You have to take into account that being in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere, spring begins in September and that the best months to travel to Milford are December, January and February when the weather allows outdoor activities. However, temperatures are not very high, and at night, in summer, it should be warm.

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