Mexico – Cancun: Enjoying with dolphins

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Jumping, touching and even full speed auger driven by these amazing animals in a huge pool. Swimming with dolphins is one of the most coveted and popular with those who come to the Riviera Maya, the coastal area of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Acts of dolphins occur in some recreation centers and a unique place as the Hotel Dreams Cancun, on the northern tip of the hotel zone dolphins are part of everyday life in the hotel, as it is unique in the region which prides itself on having its own dolphin, guests practically live with them. So here you can not only live a sensational experience, but most fans can aspire to more, and it has two unique programs: one is called Trainer for a day in which attendees participate in the training of these animals together with professionals, and the other is called “The One”, an activity which only one person is immersed, is with the dolphins and enjoy them without any trouble.

The experience continues and it is the turn to compensate the animals: each receives a handful of small fish as a reward. The joy of the people is felt in the air and spread around among the spectators, which are becoming more.

More dolphin petting and belly up and getting belly rubs, scientific explanations come. Before such displays of domesticity, there are those who suggest that perhaps the dolphins are marine ancestors of dogs.

The end keeps an unforgettable surprise these presentations. Each in his turn, participants will be placed in the middle of the pool and remain floating with your legs extended backwards. Suddenly, two dolphins nose support on the soles of the feet and pushed at high speed, making them drill on the surface. “We call it” footpush”.

X-Caret and dolphin show:

A few miles south of Playa del Carmen and less than an hour’s drive from Cancun is X-Caret. Well known to almost everyone who ever passed through the area, this theme park is not only a large zoo in the modern style (with stray animals in spaces that recreate their habitat), but also a large amusement park always natural style. Here you can also swim with dolphins or snorkeling in underground rivers, diving amid coral reefs, sea trek (walk in the bottom of the sea) diving, or simply enjoy a cozy beach, among many other options. A wide range of cultural and entertainment that is renewed periodically adds value and reveals a bit of roots and traditions of this people. The latest title added to this spectacular billboard, an impressive show that includes more than 250 artists on stage, where they recreated part of the country’s history.

Mexico - Cancun: Enjoying with dolphins

Useful facts:

Where to sleep?

* The Dreams Cancun offers doubles from $ 350 night (packet should be consulted as there are good discounts).

* Le Meridien Cancun offers doubles from $ 170 night (includes tax, no pension).

IMG_3574 por svachalek.

Where to eat?

* Señor Frogs: Tex-Mex cuisine in a pleasant atmosphere. The price per head is around U.S. $ 20.

* La Hacienda: local food with a luxurious ambience. You pay about $ 25 per person.

Breakfast at Le Meridien Cancun por rohitbhargava.

What to do?

* Delphinus: The Dolphin Swim program has a cost of $ 155 per person and can focus at various points in the Riviera Maya.

* X-Caret: ecological theme park has many activities for all ages. The tour is full day and the entrance fee of U.S. $ 62 for adults and U $ S 32 for those under 12. Activities within the park, such as swimming with dolphins, scuba diving or snorkeling trips are fees.

Good luck to everyone there …

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