Mercado de las Tres Culturas

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Mercado de las tres culturas por fernand0.

In central Spain, is the province of Avila, which lies in the community of Castile and Leon. Find limits on the north by the province of Valladolid, south to Toledo and Caceres, east to Segovia and Madrid, and Salamanca to the west. All provinces of great beauty to be discovered.

Every year when we approach the first weekend of September, things change in this destination. The ancient town of Avila into the city wall, altering the usual appearance of its squares and streets to make way for traditional and medieval market, hotels in Avila receive thousands of tourists and the city party dresses.

Everything is prepared in advance because in the days before the event begins to breathe a different climate and festive. That’s why many of its inhabitants wear vintage clothes and parades and shows are performed throughout the day and into the night, in the various areas of the site are enabled spaces designed for that purpose. There you can see the recreation of a Jewish quarter, an Arab souk, a medieval village, a military camp and many environments archers all, of course, related to medieval times.

Are convened each year thousands of people who fill the place until Sunday. The streets and squares of the historic old town, people circulate. Sites that have appeared bedecked with all kinds of flags and banners. These ornaments can also be seen around the city walls.

Mercado Medieval por OSCAR GALVAN.

On the inside, there are 240 posts craftsmen complete each corner of the center. Therefore, these Conferences have become a major tourist activity. It differs in that scenario, a musical parade formed by musicians, jugglers, acrobats, jugglers and jesters, that serves as home for ‘Mercado de las Tres Culturas’, so named to highlight and remember how Avila was an example of coexistence between the Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

For those times when the bars and restaurants shops with ornaments ambientado his holidays. With all these ingredients, Avila park for a few days of his habitual silence and lives downtown area intensive days full of noise and celebration. After the official opening of the ‘Market of the Three Cultures’, is preparing an exhibition of archers, which gives way at night to a party named «Car of the lepers. During Saturday held the Second Race of the Three Cultures, is a parade whose entourage consists of the people and authorities of Ávila, all dressed as trades and occupations, races and religions.

The three cultures are shared by the medieval market area. It is possible to find Christians in the small market, the Jews in Catholic Monarchs and the Muslims in the Plaza de Pedro Davila. Recreational activities have simulated assault on the Wall. In addition to the performing arts, one can attend falconry displays, sound and light shows, street entertainment, jugglers, magic, fire jugglers and donkey rides, among other offers fun. In the markets traditionally prioritizes the craft which are visited by thousands of attendees who arrive throughout the weekend. The city and its residents participate actively in the market, betting, quality and internationalization of their products, taking advantage of the multicultural and trying to be different from the medieval fairs held in other locations.

The exhibition «Memory of Avila Jewish» who determines the organization of the conference, held as usual. Christians, Jews and Muslims, the three cultures that lived in the city. As mentioned the animation, it will be responsible for more than 50 persons, among them the French In Taberna. And also participating Crispin Dolot troubadour, who arrives in the capital of Avila with his theater company to recreate the lives of characters such as Moses de Leon Avila and Alvaro de Luna.

Councilman Tourism emerged as one of the novelties of this market in recent years, they increased the activities directed to children and there are many that exist and well in the Plaza de San Jorge is installed over circus trapeze 4 meters high, and there will not archery, costume competitions and workshops in various arts.

Mercado de las Tres Culturas

Like every year, every day there will be street entertainment, fireworks, storytelling, games of wit, workshops, live like shoeing horses, talks about trades that have already been lost, medieval castles for children, theater performances and exhibitions. Among the most notable activities are scheduled during the festival highlights the medieval costume contest for children for children under 13 years concluding the opening day on Thursday.

Nobody wants to miss this celebration that is traditional and convener. Here generations and cultures are a diverse group able to share without noting that belief, or age in question. Each year, those who visit it again promise to do so, its fun, for integration and the desire to return to a different experience and fun.

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