Meet and travel to Belfast

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Belfast is located in the northeast of the island of Ireland and surrounded by high hills, and the beautiful Rñio Lagan. Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland has been transformed in the last decade to become a city full of energy and is currently one of the most sophisticated cities on the island.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Photography by lyng883

Focusing on the city of Belfast and feel the friendliness and good humor of its people are one of the strengths of the city, but we can not ignore the important cultural heritage that we offer. Cueing in Belfast, in places like the Cathedral Quarter, this is the cultural heart of the city and meets Victorian architecture that has nothing to envy the best examples to be found in the rest of Europe. For its part, the Titanic Quarter east of Belfast, is where the legendary ship was built, and reminds the world of rich maritime and industrial past of the city.

There are many things to see and do in Belfast, this is a compact and accessible city, and is the location of the Grand Opera House and City Hall, in addition to the Odyssey Arena and Waterfront Hall. The Waterfront Hall is a spectacular center for arts and entertainment, which opened its doors in 1997 to receive a recognized world-renowned artists, as well as operas, concerts, musicals and plays.

Grand Opera House: Belfast also offers visitors the chance to have a first class dining experience, it has several award-winning restaurants and many bars and cafes. Above all, the people of Belfast is internationally famous for its lively and cheerful character, so that all visitors have guaranteed a warm welcome.

These are essential places to visit in Belfast:

Belfast Castle:

Located 120 meters above sea level, Belfast Castle offers stunning views of the city. Guided tours every day, but must be booked in advance. The site also offers a children’s play area, a visitor center, magnificent gardens and trails.

Belfast Castle

Photography by pawelbak

Botanical Gardens Belfast:

Belfast Botanical Gardens is located near Queen’s University, and has been there for the enjoyment of all citizens since 1895. The gardens contain the Great Palm House, the most remarkable of the city from a botanical point of view. Admission is free. In summer there are usually concerts and special events, both day and night.

Stormont Parliament Building:

In the grounds of Stormont Public Park is the government building in Northern Ireland, is both the perfect place to relax away from the relentless hustle of the city. Do not miss a walk in the Glen Walk. A tour of the famous Prince of Wales Avenue will take you to the Parliament Buildings, where visitors can admire the Great Hall.

Meet and travel to Belfast

Photography by robertpaulyoung

Odyssey Arena Stadium:

This place is the main stage of Belfast, and there are concerts of international artists, exhibitions and a variety of sporting events. Here also plays ice hockey team Belfast Giants, and is the center W5 interactive discovery, as well as interactive museum dedicated to the young.

The Town Council:

Completed in 1906, this was done to commemorate Queen Victoria gave the town city status, is most remarkable element the Great Dome of almost 53 meters high, making it visible from practically anywhere in the city.

Bon voyage!

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