Machu Picchu: New Wonder of the World

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Hidden among rugged mountains for centuries sheltered the furtive glances of the world, protected by Mother Nature. Is Machu Picchu, a settlement that the Incas built during the fifteenth century as a mausoleum for Pachakuteq, founder of the Empire Tawantinsuyu.

Machu Picchu, the lord of the peaks of the Andes, has the aroma of fascination off all the cities that were lost for centuries by famine predator of the jungle, hidden among rocks and vegetation, magic on his throne, until in 1911, Bingham, the domino world to discover its wonders. Legends in a single moment became reality, years of Inca culture that showed the world at the time it reappeared Machu Picchu.

Tired of the trip to Cuzco, the anxiety about this new wonder of the world, makes me stay alert, with a huge desire to feel something special. The next day, the train will leave me with the same foot of Machu Picchu in the village of Aguas Calientes, where we will, as in many towns to live in a wonderful world, with its traditional markets and stalls, from the we will try to sell the more and more haggling. Will be 4 hours of train that will lead us to beautiful places, climbing slowly through the Cordillera as more and more is falling below the imperial city of Cuzco. From Aguas Calientes we take a bus for 20 minutes until the Inca city.

For those seeking genuine emotions and relive the adventure of getting to Machu Picchu as it always did those who settled in the valley of the Urubamba, there is a path that leads directly from Cuzco to the top, known as the “Inca walk” or Real, punctuated by former checkpoints by Inca ruins and beautiful landscapes and viewpoints. They are 4 days of long walks in which the birds pass through forests filled with exotic tunnels seem broken mountains and nights in the open or in tents. But experience cannot be richer, because the end result, we arrive at the destination either from the Camino Real or on train and bus, is simply magnificent in its simplicity.

The time to see Machu Picchu for the first time shrinks the soul. Not only because of the magic or power off your hidden rocks, but for the environment, for the wonderful blessing of the peaks enveloped in clouds of the Andes. Hundreds of questions were then crowded into the head: how, why, where were the Incas? But quickly back to reality and start eager to visit Incan city.

Divided in two, between the neighborhood and Hanan high or low or Hurín neighborhood. Intihuatana is that we mark the route through the top, because that is its symbol, is that mysterious monument of barely knows nothing, and might well be identified as an astronomical observatory, or it could be an altar. With him, palaces and the Temple of the Sun, however, is the poorer southern part, in which are concentrated in the poorest homes and workshops.

However, the best remains to be see. The point where many windows and photographs of Machu Picchu have been taken: the Wayna Picchu Mountain or Young, the rock behind the sanctuary twill, in the northern part of town. From there, from the summit of Wayna Picchu, which ascends a staircase, we get some great pictures, including mist, pure air, mountains and waterfalls that are seasoned hundred meters below.

This is where we discover the true meaning of Machu Picchu, the real mystery. Where we live the sacred destination of silence, only to be merged into one with Nature.

Useful facts:

- Train from Cuzco to Aguas Calientes, duration 4 hours, price: about $ 33.

- Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu, duration, about 20 minutes

- Entrance to Machu Picchu: price around 12 dollars.

- Flights: check flights

- Hotels: See hotels

Good Luck!

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