Infinite slopes for skiing in the Alps

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Infinite slopes for skiing in the Alps

The Alps are a paradise of snow for skiers insatiable. The tracks are not just on the horizon and we lose if we are not provided with a map.

The Alps are a paradise of snow for skiers

Photography by Arlyn Asch

The offer is so great that we focus on the French Alps, where dozens of resorts, so we will highlight some of the most recommended and if they can add others in the comments section.

Alpe d’Huez:

His name was made famous by the Tour de France on this peak and ski resort is held one of the hardest stages of the French cycling competition.

It has the longest runway in the world, ranging from 16 km glacier Sarenne, others like Château Noir are also worthy of note and are a delight for lovers of long descents, this gives a distance of up to an hour and a half, in an incomparable setting.

Another advantage is that this station has a mild climate to be at the heart of the south side of the Alps. Here we can enjoy more hours of sunshine than other ski facilities of the range.

skiing in the Alps

Photography by LUCIOdb

Lovers of good food will have it all to enjoy a perfect holiday. Pic Blanc restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, the restaurant offers delicious and stunning views looking across the valley, National Park des Ecris and even we as a background view of Mont Blanc, with its imposing profile.

Val Thorens:

It is the highest ski resort in Europe. You are at the top of the 3 Valleys, offering endless ski runs, reaching 600 km of tracks with which account. The complex is a vast labyrinth of declines crossed by nearly 200 ski lifts that connect all the skiing of the season.

In Val Thorens, how difficult is to choose which path we will do or what track should not be missed during our stay. The ski area is so large that surprising when seen for the first time. When no winds and the sky is clear, you need a ride for himself to enjoy the impressive range, and then browse on the map and decide our first clue.

Curiously, the Alpine has a name etymologically confused and not sure which of the peoples who inhabited the great mountain it was named.

The Celts were the first inhabitants of the area. In their language, called «Alpe» in the rugged mountains. In Latin, «snow-white» refers to white and might have resulted in the Alps according to some theories. In Germanic mythology, «alp» is an airy spirit who lived on the mountain tops.

Infinite slopes for skiing in the Alps

Photography by Kevin Hutchinson

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