Ideal destination Austin

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The city of Austin can be an ideal destination when you’re in Texas. In today’s post will talk about this destination and what to expect in terms of attractions.

Ideal destination Austin

Photography by rutlo

Attractions in Austin:

SxSW Congress:

SxSW Congress has three main branches, a film festival that lasts two weeks, a music festival that lasts a week and a half and a technology conference that lasts a week. In this way for almost two weeks together in Austin every year the most important (basically the U.S. level) technology, music and film. Last year was counted with the presence of Quentin Tarantino, Evan Williams (CEO and founder of Twitter) and heavy metal group Motorhead among others. The truth is that there are so many things in parallel that it is impossible to enjoy all the events and parties that are competing in Austin during those weeks.

Attractions in Austin

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Skyscrapers in Austin:

Austin, however, is curious to discover a city in an atypical state such as Texas, with a strong sense of autonomy than almost any other U.S. state has. Texas is the Lone-Star State named and the Texas flag can be seen in many homes and buildings. Austin is also the University of Texas, whose students are known as the Longhorns (long horned) by the Texas mascot is the skull of a buffalo with long horns.

Austin is also known for being one of the cities in the world with more live music, as it has more music venues than any other U.S. city. And almost every night you can find some Austin bar with live music. Austin 6th Street is a street with more bars, discos or clubs in town and walk there will give you an idea of the dozens of local music that exists in Austin.

Dining in Austin:

Because of its proximity to Mexico, in Austin you can enjoy a really good Mexican food cuisine known there as “tex-mex.” Barbecues are another type of food you can taste dozens of restaurants, always accompanied by barbecue sauce (essential) on pork chops, beef steaks or chicken breasts or with their respective sauces Barbecue.

Dining in Austin

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Restaurants in Austin, Texas:

Blond: tex-mex food of good in Austin. If you want to eat good tacos, this is certainly one of the best sites. It is very likely that a mariachi band will come up and sing “I’m the king”

Eddie V’s: is a new restaurant in Austin with a great pub and bar with live jazz music. You can eat grilled fish and have parking, is one of the restaurantes “luxury” of downtown Austin.

Lamberts: Location typical for their barbecues. Must be booked in advance, but the place is very nice and has a small wine cellar. An interesting place to eat barbecue!

Do you know any restaurant in Austin, Texas? Are we so recommending?

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