Göteborg route to Bergen in Norway

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The route by car from Gothenburg to Bergen, not a usual route, although it is a very beautiful route to drive, where visitors usually the Swedish city of Gothenburg to visit Norwegian arise, but continue to visit Sweden, but its proximity with the Norwegian border make Göteborg is a good starting point for a route by car through southern fjords of Norway visiting the area.


Photography by claeskrantz

Göteborg is the second largest city in Sweden, which has the largest port in the country (you can travel by ferry to Denmark or Germany). The city is quite pretty, with canals, pedestrian streets, a beautiful port, and several universities, which gives room for the night on the town. With a day is enough to visit this city.

The route is 750 km requires at least a half day trip (12 hours) to get from one place to another without stopping, but intend to stand in Oslo, Flam, among other places, such as driving through the longest tunnel the world (in Lærdal or Erdal, nearly 25 km).

The first stop may be performed in Oslo, the capital of Norway is very industrial, but also a place where we can dedicate a day to visit because the city may not have more things to see as it is an entirely industrial city. We recommend visiting the Vigeland park sculptures, and the royal palace or where Nobel prizes are awarded. It is also nice to see the city from a vantage point (the entrance toll Oslo is a great place) to make out the fjord where the town.

Göteborg route to Bergen in Norway

Photography by Cebete

The many roads to Bergen from Oslo, Norway’s two largest cities, according to which road makes you decide to take will have to take more or less Ferry to continue the journey. Although the main route expected to take only once a ferry, and there are routes that take no time no ferry, but go through places where there is lots of snow in winter.

Before coming to Bergen passes through spectacular scenery, surrounded by high mountains and near lakes.

Once in the beautiful city of Bergen, we recommend a couple of days to discover and learn about their environments. We suggest you drive to Flam, where a boat that makes a route through a fjord, but can be booked at the tourist office in Bergen this trip more complete, leading to Flam by train. Book in advance and that the passages in the boat are limited. In Bergen we recommend you upload the mountains to spot the Viking town and all the fjord where you are. It is also very nice to look at the fish market, wooden houses, stroll around the port, the zoo, downtown, among other activities. Do not miss it!.

The city of Bergen

Photography by color line

Tips for driving directions:

We recommend that you take this route in the spring because it can see the thaw in Norwegian territory, and also begin to see the landscape greener. You can also enjoy some of the long hours that are present in summer, but by being in more southern latitudes, do not have electricity 24 hours a day and does happen at the North Pole.

We recommend controlling the speed on the roads since there are many speed camera controls both Sweden and Norway. Although this route begins in Göteborg, can also be started in Copenhagen and Malmö, 300 km from Göteborg. To stay in Bergen, you have campsites, hotels in the center, and hostels. There is a youth hostel in the center or on the outskirts of the city.

Bon voyage!

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