Czech Republic, full of scenery for tourists

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The Czech Republic is an attractive country landlocked Central bordering Austria to the south, east Slovakia, Poland to the north and northwest and southwest Germany. The country is divided into two regions, Bohemia and Moravia, which offer, in addition to the famous city of Prague, hundreds of destinations and unforgettable landscapes.

The Czech climate is continental and is characterized by warm and humid summers and cold winters and dry. In mountainous areas and in the north the winter is harshest with approximately 50 days of snow. The best months to visit the Republic are May, June and September, October and April, despite being a little colder, cheaper. July and August are the months of Czech holiday, therefore the hotels and resorts in Prague, especially those of mountains (Krkonose and Tatras) and the capital, are more crowded. However, these months have the advantage of offers of accommodation are increased in major cities. While the mountain complex and large as those of Prague and Brno offers accommodation all year round, many museums, castles and other tourist sites are closed during the off season.

Where to go?
Prague’s famous, mysterious dead of exits and streets charming, offers hundreds of possibilities to enjoy for weeks. One of the first things to do in the capital of the republic is to visit the historic center, where different architectural styles that together represent 900 years of history of the city. There the main places to look are Stare Mesto (Old Town), námestí Vácklavské the Hradcany (Castle District) and the Malá Strana (Chinatown). In addition to the Old City, there is also a new city full of museums, theaters and cafes that are worth knowing and Holesovice district, Vinohrady, Smichov, Troja and Vysehrad.

Moravian Karst is an idyllic town of leafy hills and located north of Brno also enjoy the beautiful scenery that the city offers a good option is to visit the area Punkevní, where you can go deep caves filled with stalactites and stalagmites ending at the foot of the cliff Macocha, where the river flows underground Punkva. You can also visit the caves of Balcarka, Sloupsko-Sosuvské and Katerinska.

The wonderful Kutna Hora, located 65 km southeast of Prague, preserved monuments that bear witness to the glory it enjoyed during the fourteenth century and enjoy, like the capital of a large sample of diverse architectural styles. Some places to consider during a visit is the imposing Cathedral of Santa Barbara, the old town, a Gothic ossuary, the Ursuline Convent, the church of St. James and Lady Nustra, mine shafts and medieval Hrádek Museum of Mining.

Region Moravske Slovácko is one of the places in Central Europe where the people have preserved their cultural traditions. Thanks to its hospitable and cheerful people, this region promises a pleasant state to culquier passenger. By keeping such traditions alive, this town offers, in addition to attractive places to visit, to the celebrations that are worth attending, including highlights of the celebrations Vlcnov, and Blatnica Straznice. The peoples of this region carried out an important wine culture based Vinn sklepy (family cellars), some of them underground, which can also be visited.

Krivoklat city, built on the river Rakovnický Potok, is another attractive tourist options offered by the Republic. It can make a trip to the Region Protected Landscape Krivoklat, the wooded valley of Berounka, or visit the castle Krivoklat the end of the thirteenth century. You can also take a short trip to the seaside area of Skryje through the cliffs of Nezabudice, the castle of the French town of Týrov and Tyro.

Baneario Karlovy Vary is the oldest spa in Bohemia and one of the largest in the country. In addition to enjoying the sulfur baths and other therapies, you can test the water of the 12 hot springs, recommended for digestive disorders and disorders of metabolism. Besides the spa, this resort yet important examples of imperial architecture and beautiful parks.

Festivals in the Czech Republic:
There are many festivities to enjoy in the Czech Republic, including the most prominent are the Paleni Carodejnic (Burning of the Witches), which is celebrated with bonfires on the outskirts of the city on April 30 in Prague to keep the evil spirits. You can also enjoy the International Book Fair and the Prague International Music Festival Prazska Jaro (Prague Spring), both in May and the Prazsky Podzim (Fall Prague) in September.

Welcome to high culture and great landscapes of the Czech Republic.

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