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In the heart of Europe, Prague stands as one of the most desirable destinations for travelers who want to spend some days in a beautiful environment, pleasant and with a rich cultural and leisure offer. In the shadow of the capital, the rest of the Czech Republic remains unfairly ignored by many tourists. Impressive castles, small towns full of magic, charming villages and beautiful natural landscapes await visitors to step into this fascinating country. The price is no obstacle.

With its towers, its castle and its history, the beautiful Prague has become an essential destination for many travelers who cannot resist visiting the city of Kafka and wander through its streets full of charm. Both tour operators and Prague them know, and there is nothing easier than finding a guided tour or a menu translated to meet the demands of the thousands of visitors to this booming capital. But it would be a mistake to let her magnetism did we close our eyes to the secrets hidden around the country. Besides Prague, the Czech Republic is a gem worth discovering.

Although the capital is traditionally the starting point for any itinerary, there is no need to waste other possibilities. From the Girona airport, the low cost airline Ryanair offers cheap flights to Brno, the second largest Czech city. With just under 400,000, the relevant industrial capital is also an important enclave for lovers of motorcycling. It is not their only attraction. The past history of the area will not indifferent to those who want to know a sample representative of the interior of central European city.

The strength of Špilberk offers a superb opportunity to enter both the relevant history of the castle-building defensive since the thirteenth century and in the city, as well as to accommodate various cultural events. Perhaps most interesting is precisely its use as a prison. Špilberk was a notorious prison during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, used not only as punishment for the gravest crimes but also as a destination for many political prisoners. The history of the prison did not end with its closure in the 1850s. During the Nazi occupation, the Gestapo came to take their dungeons and torture chambers, which can be seen today in a chronological order.

Špilberk Castle - Bulwark por jyryk58 - Leaving Edinburgh and heading northwest.

Back in the center of Brno, the vegetable market around the fountain of Parnassus, in Zelný trh is a good start for a city tour. In the same square, Dietrichstein Palace Museum houses the national headquarters of the Moravian, archaeological pieces like the Venus de Vestonice, dating back some 25,000 years ago. In the vicinity is the Capuchin monastery. Very simple, the crypt of the building displays the mummified bodies of some 150 people in an amazing state of preservation, a grim spectacle but certainly common in the Czech Republic, where exposure is common to find instruments of torture, allusions concerning the darkest past or type reminders funeral.

Brno. Zelný Trh por mac.wrangler.

National Museum (reloaded) por Hari_Menon.

In the Old Town Hall, across Zelný trh, are the two most beloved symbols of the city: the cartwheel and the famous Dragon of Brno, star of many legends, which is neither more nor less than a huge crocodile that hangs beneath the arches of the entrance hall. The tour of Brno can be completed with a visit to the church of San Miguel, Santo Tomas and the New Town Hall, although the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, Petrov hill should not be overlooked. Moreover, the architecture lovers will not want to end his journey without a stop at the Tugendhat House, designed by Mies van der Rohe.

Between Brno and Prague is the inescapable Kutna Hora, which in medieval times rivaled in importance with the capital and still retains much of its luster. The cathedral of Santa Barbara is one of the most important Gothic buildings Czech and a must in the city. Santa Barbara is the patroness of miners, and were they who funded the work. Inside interesting frescoes can be seen images of these workers.

However, the most striking is certainly the Sedlec ossuary impressive. It is an ancient monastery decorated with the remains of the 40,000 corpses that were piled in the crypt when the Schwarzenberg family purchased it in 1870. Garlands of skulls, bones and shields to make up a huge chandelier and at the same time incredibly gruesome decor that will not leave anyone indifferent.

A good option to visit the Czech Republic in another way is to follow the footsteps of countless castles. South of the country, the medieval town of Cesky Krumlov is a good starting point. Following the road north, Hluboka nad Vltavou, Kratochvil, Cervená Lhota, Orlik Zvíkov u or Plumlov Bouzov and east, are just some of the best known examples of interesting jewelry that you can find on a dedicated route to these constructions. And it’s not the only possibility.

How about a visit to a spa in beautiful surroundings Central Europe? Karlovy Vary is known for a millennium by the properties of water, but there are few who are close to the scene, near the German border, to enjoy this beautiful and welcoming city and attend events as its international film festival. Slightly further south, Marianske Lazne offers another beautiful seaside resort surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

Mariánské Lázně por

From small and friendly Central European cities to the most impressive castles, through beautiful natural trails, friendly pubs and attractive rural wineries where you can taste a good beer and a plate of goulash away from tourist crowds.

With its cozy places to rest, its rich cultural heritage and interesting history, the Czech Republic is a fascinating destination and economically accessible to everyone who wants to find out.

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