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The romantic city of China

China is a continent in itself. Attempting to cover as much territory in a trip to China is a mistake. It is essential to choose and focus on a couple or three zones according to the time that is available. Good communication of trains and domestic flights to help make long journeys, even so, we must be wary of drawing the route.

It is very likely that your first contact with China do it landed in Beijing. There are a number of hostels at a good price and quality you’ll find north of the massive Tiananmen Square. Cities in China tend to be significantly more expensive than the rest of the country. However, sharing a room in the bedrooms of the hostel (usually clean and fairly new) will cost no more than 10 euros. There are also small hotels where you can find double rooms for less than 20 euros.

Beijing needs at least three or four days. You cannot leave without visiting the hutongs, labyrinthine old quarters where local life is cooking. Stroll through them, take a few dumplings refreshed with good beer Tsingtao. Food prices are laughing throughout the country including major cities. Visit Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Royal Palace, the Summer Palace. Stroll through the shopping centers that have little communist and of course, cannot leave Beijing without making your personal foray to the Great Wall.

There are many tours that make day trips to the Great Wall of China. However, they tend to take you to places where the wall has been rebuilt and you feel a little lamb lost in the many flags that are waving guides. I recommend that you join other travelers and rent a taxi to lead you to Hong Kong. It’s going to be very expensive. Located some 60 kilometers north of Beijing and you’ll find the wall at its most savage.

China Travel Tips

The train service is good and can be performed nightly routes with bunk beds in service more than acceptable. All coaches have their way to heat water so take away some packets of noodles for dinner during the trip. However, if you do not have many days takes to make domestic flights to Chengdu, Kunming and Hong Kong.

In Beijing you can head towards Shangay train for the route from Guilin, Yangshuo and even Hong Kong and Macao. I was not on the south coast, although many tourists strongly recommended. We’ll pass the comments to advise us on what are the most beautiful places in the area.
On the other hand, you can head west towards Xian to visit the ancient city and the famous terracotta warriors.

From there another train can take you into the country to Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan region, as a starting point. From here begins the Chinese Himalayas and the alternative route becomes. Its inhabitants are not much given to foreign tourism and offers places of extraordinary beauty and cultural curiosities.

The Road to the west Kanding (the romantic city of China) and Litang and final end is formidable. You will see that the Tibetan people seem much more in the area, marked with more features and larger bodies. Prices for this area of the country are laughable: you can go sleep per euro and a half and eat the other euro. From there, if you go west and only separate you from the mountains and permits to enter Tibet.

If you go trekking, a major potential area of Sichuan is Yading nature reserve, with sacred mountains nearly 6,000 feet and mobility difficulties that give more adventurous touches to your getaway. Also spotted pandas in protected areas north of Chengdu in the mountains of Jiajin.

If you go walking in coaches and you can cross the region in Yunnan internarte from here. Also, you can also reverse the way to fly to Kunming and making the journey north to reach Sichuan.

In the region of Yunnan there is a beautiful tourist route linking the towns of Dali, Lijiang and Zhongdian (also called the Shangri).

They’re lovely people but unfortunately suffered a severe remodeling Chinese style: to destroy to rebuild following the same style. Zhongdian, however, is still in process and can be admired as originally constructed. If you are lucky enough to coincide with celebrations of the people, do not miss the regional dances in the main square and visit the beautiful Buddhist temple on the outskirts of the population.

The local cuisine is fantastic. You’ll see at the same restaurants how to display their products in glass cases outside. The mushrooms are luxurious and seasoned with any dish.

In the region of Yunnan is also one of the most beautiful treks in the country. This is the Tiger Leaping Gorge and covers the travel of the Yangtze River at the beginning by a gorge hemmed in by colossal mountains. In a couple of days can make the entire circuit and the way you will find houses where they feed and sleep at minimum prices (has 5 euros a day). One of the best memories I have of this trek is to meet the fury of the Yangtze in the middle of rainy season, a true spectacle.

Trip to China

If you’ve traveled to China would be great of you to share your experiences with us. What route would you recommend?

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