The Great Wall of China

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The Great Wall Of China por heathwalk.

Says an old Chinese proverb that no man is until you’ve been on the Great Wall of China. Well, maybe an exaggeration, but we could tune it a little more if affirm that is not really a traveler (in capitals), until you have visited the Great Wall of China. Today, using those controversial votes on July 7, 2007, we already have the new 7 wonders of the world which include the Great Wall, The 7 places that every traveler should approach pro at some point in their life. Because they really deserve it …

The Great Wall of China. Centuries of those vast territories covered philosophy Chinese. Peace in the walls; anxiety in the surrounding society, culture, history and a whole range of feelings that make us fight in the duality that we always move. The serenity of the greatness of the times, with the unrest of the day. The yin and yang found in a wall that only centuries can really appreciate as they deserve.

The year was 250 a.C. Seven states were in territories that existed in those moments: Han, Zhao, Yan, Wei, Chu, Qi and Qin, home of a young ambitious and strong: Quin Shi Huang. When he turned 22 years and was appointed king of his kingdom, went to their borders in order to consolidate in one rule to what would be China’s future. Were years of struggle in which the confrontation between the so-called Combatant kings were cruel, but ultimately, the young Quin Shi Huang, cruel but always straight, won the country’s unification. Had passed 12 years of battles, and only the Huns from Mongolia, could be cause for alarm.

The year was 221 a.C. To avoid the possible attack of the Huns, and the Emperor Quin Shi Huang joined various portions of the wall and create what we now know as the Great Wall of China. Were required years of hard labor for farm labor, enormous expenditures of public funds. His cruelty was evident even to those who collaborated in its construccion, and yet, despite being reminded by the cruelty that came to be capable of razing entire villages, Quin Shi Huang is admired almost as though it were a god. And that he was to the modern systems of government in those days, the spread of writing and culture and a multitude of palaces and monuments that populate the whole China. Of his legacy, not only are all these monuments, but also the famous warriors of Xian, a magnificent terracotta army was buried with it.

There are three sections of the Great Wall of China that are well preserved: the Badaling, which is reached by bus or car from Beijing, the Simatai and Mutianyu in. The best views are to Simatai, where from its vantage points will be lost in the distance, between the mountains curve the trail of the Great Wall of China. 7300 kilometers of stone leading from the coast of the Yellow Sea to venture into the Gobi desert. 135 watchtowers and three steps: those of Shanghai, Juyong and Niángzi.

The Great Wall of China (6) por g_heyde.

Today, more than 2000 years later, he acknowledged the great merit of this work of art by giving it the honor of being considered one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

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