Cheap Hostels in Barcelona

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Barcelona needs no introduction. The vast array of cultural activities, sports and leisure activities available has become a favorite European destination. It is undisputed that Barcelona is able to satisfy the tastes and needs of all types of people.

Cheap Hostels in Barcelona

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It is very likely that before reaching our destination, in this case Barcelona, keep in mind the main places that we visit. Obviously you can change your mind on the fly, but it is important to start the trip with a more or less clear idea of what we would like to view. If so, we will be able to find accommodation close to what most interested us in order to save some money on public transport.

Barcelona hostels are a great option to enjoy quality accommodation at affordable prices. They often offer great services such as breakfast, Internet access, kitchen, common room, television, etc. And best of all: good situation.

Those who want to enjoy a cultural visit and see the wonders modernists designed by Gaudí, they can lodge in the Equity Point Centric. This hostel is located in Passeig de Gracia, one of the most emblematic streets of the city and where are the Casa Batlló and Casa Mila (La Pedrera). Those who prefer to be close to the Park Güell can opt for the Ciutat Hostel while those of you who want to get the most out of you may be interested Sagrada Familia Sagrada Familia hostel (forgive the redundancy).

Hostels in Barcelona

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In Barcelona the party and nightlife are also very attractive, so it is possible that some of ye are interested in this type of tourism. If you like the big clubs, multiple rooms, music of all kinds, etc.. Razzmatazz is paradise. To enjoy the party until the wee hours without worrying about public transport at night, Marina Residence is ideal because it is located literally 5 minutes walk. Another very good area with lots of nightlife is the Ramblas and the Plaça Reial above where you will find The Kabul Hostel.

Another popular area of Barcelona is the Barceloneta. The beach, good restaurants, bars, beach walk, foreign tourists passing big … It is a lively area, that can not be denied, and there can also find affordable accommodation: Sylvia’s Guest House.

The more adventurous you are secure, as must stop, the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter), as it is ideal to keep the map and wander through the alleys of the old part of town, a charming area. If you want your day begins and ends there, it is advisable to Albergue New York. Is about five minutes walk from Barcelona Cathedral and little more could you want.

If your motive at the time to visit Barcelona is your passion for football, obviously staying next to the Nou Camp is the ideal choice. Also, if you go to watch a game, is the best way to save the endless queues on the subway or bus crowded when everyone leaves the field. The Nest Hostel Barcelona is only 10 minutes away.

Guest House in Barcelona

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Despite the above reasons (and many reasons not mentioned) on which are worth visiting Barcelona, it is possible that ye just passing through. In this case it is advisable to stay near utilizaréis means of transport to continue your journey. If you travel by train, near the Sants Estació Alberguinn find the Youth Hostel, on the contrary, if you are going to travel by plane, one of the best options is the AWA Barcelona City Center Hostel. Located just steps from Plaça Catalunya so you can catch the Aerobus very easily and without having to carry your luggage for half the city. It is possible to find accommodation near the airport, but are usually large luxury hotels designed for business travelers need hardly set foot in the city, so if you’re after a save on accommodation is an option that will soon be discarded.

You see, there are multiple alternatives and to taste the colors, so the best in each case is to have more or less clear what you prefer and compare the different hostels in Barcelona as the services they offer, its location and price.

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