Cerro Santa Lucia: a viewpoint in the heart of Santiago de Chile

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While it is interesting to know the streets, buildings, museums and other attractions in each city visited, there is no doubt that having a general view of fate and take a picture as a postcard is very interesting make every journey performed. Thus, visitors to Santiago de Chile will do so only up to the Cerro Santa Lucia.

The same stands in the heart of the Chilean capital and can say that is where history comes from Chile as a country since it was the December 13, 1540 to Pedro de Valdivia took the hill and began the conquest of the region.

So, beyond the wonderful visual of the city from the heights, Cerro Santa Lucia has other attractions to offer visitors such as Castillo Hidalgo (Hidalgo Castle). Today, after years of neglect the building stands proudly and retrieved, beautiful and elegant. Functions as event center and the interior offers the amenities you need to do surrounded by luxury. In addition, Castle is surrounded by gardens, fountains and terraces that give the perfect backdrop for enjoying the evening from the heights of Santiago.

But what other attractions is the Cerro Santa Lucia to offer? These are varied as they are; The Alameda, Arc de Triomphe, Neptune Terrace, Old Railway Road, the monument to Pedro de Valdivia, the Monument of Archbishop Manuel Vicuña Larrainque, the Monument to Protestants and atheists bombers, the Circular Garden and the Tower, among other things.

But if you have the opportunity to do so, it pays to be up there at 12 noon when a fact that has been under the age of Chilean independence takes place. This is a cannon that marks noon and dating from the time when James was a small town and was thus announced to the residents who were 12, they should have lunch, go to church and start ringing the bells churches.

Thus, A must see in Santiago is Cerro Santa Lucia, to know a little about the history of the country and, of course, enjoy a panoramic view of the capital and take the perfect photograph.


Good luck in Chile!

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