What to see in Amsterdam? – Part II

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The attractions of Dam Square have not yet finished, on the south side we have the Madam Tussauds Museum. A highly recommended activity for young and old. This is the wax museum in the city. The tour begins with a giant who tells the story of Holland and after the speech to a room where we ran into some dolls whose realism is impressive. Then comes the passage of terror, not suitable for young or faint of heart and I assure you is serious. Is very successful. After the scares get what we all hope, celebrities everywhere. Make time because the minute you pass like seconds.

Amsterdam History

Photography by james.

Once entered into the cultural world we talk of museums in the city, while the catalog is not as wide as that of other European capitals Amsterdam has a good assortment. Undoubtedly the most important of these is the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam National Museum, which showcases the masterpieces of the great painters of the Dutch Golden Age. It also has an important collection of Asian art among many other treasures. If you are still thirsty for art nothing better to soothe the Van Gogh Museum which needs little explanation or the Rembrandt House. If you can not or will not understand the art of painting have a lot more entertaining other options such as the Museum of Sex, FOAM Photography Museum, Botanical Garden, the Museum of hashish, marijuana and hemp or Heineken Experience . The latter is located in the former brewery that opened in 1867 mark. This place remained operational until 1988 when production moved to more modern facilities in the suburbs. His final conversion museum occurred in 1991. The tour teaches us through the history of the brand even as they produce their beer. As a curiosity we can take a souvenir bottle with our name printed on the label for five euros.

Heineken Brewery:

The experience of the Heineken Brewery is entering the most destacsables among all the attractions of Amsterdam, there are very particular about the thousand of tourists every day. This historic site is at number 267, Prinsengracht and is living proof of the horrors of World War II and the Nazi occupation. La Casa de Ana Frank (Anne Frank Huis) itself is not very spectacular but knowing the history of the Frank family and experience the oppressive atmosphere where little Anne Frank wrote her diary justify the wait time.

The attractions of Amsterdam

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Anne Frank House:

Without leaving Westerkerk Prinsengracht can go to the Church of the West. Opened in 1631 is the largest Protestant church in the Netherlands. The tower of 85 meters is adorned with the imperial crown of Maximilian of Austria and 3 euros offers a panoramic view of the city. On October 8, 1669 the painter Rembrandt was buried here in a rented grave though no one knows where.


The other major temple town is located in the Red Light District so before you become addicted to get our sins in Oudekerk is recommended. The «Old Church» is the oldest monument in Amsterdam and although it should be left at the entrance 5 euros painted walls, the impressive body enhancement and other aspects make us forget the payment.

The oldest monument in Amsterdam

Photography by lmgadelha


Construction began in 1250 and the bell tower was completed in 1566. In total it took three centuries to complete the project. During Alteration of 1578 (name that is known to change religious doctrine) the Protestant reformers seized the church and destroyed almost all the decoration. The popular movement denied Calvinist image worship and caused extensive damage. The iconoclasts destroyed and robbed the wealth of the Catholic churches. So the images of saints and altars disappeared from the churches in the Netherlands.

We continue our great tour of Amsterdam. If you missed the previous take click here.

Good trip to Amsterdam!

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