Walking through Havana

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Havana, the capital of Cuba is a lovely city, not so much neglected streets, their cars from the fifties, and for its beaches, but for its inhabitants, with its displays of warmth and happiness makes your stay in Havana a fun adventure.

Walking through Havana

Photography by neiljs

The city, a legacy of pirates and galleons, of revolutionaries, illustrated, Santeria, adventurers, dreamers, merchants, slaves, conquerors of players and gold and rum, was founded according to legend in 1519. The myth says that the Spanish conquerors chose a small natural harbor and under a ceiba old celebrated the first mass and the new settlement was called San Cristobal de la Habana.


The routes to the center of the city of Havana, leads to the following locations:

Plaza de Armas:

To start enjoying the walk Havana suggest you start from the point of creation of the city, the Plaza de las Armas, in front of the ceiba and the Temple (neoclassical building that can be accessed by paying a 1 euro entry, although it is small, is worth listening to the whole explanation of the guide and ask all the questions you want).

La Plaza de las Armas is now a nice market for secondhand books outdoors. Once in the area, you can visit the Cathedral of Havana and Cathedral Square. Breathe life into the square and the colorful atmosphere enveloping the visitor. The cathedral is the eighteenth century and the Baroque style, reminiscent of the cathedral of Murcia. A 1 minute from the Cathedral Square is the legendary Bodeguita del Medio, do not miss your walls!.


Photography by Martin Burns

Center include the huge National Capitol (entrance 3 euros), which looks like a mirage from the original in Washington, it is interesting to visit the factory of Pertegás Snuff, and stop at the Floridita where Hemingway ate (with madness and ignoring his diabetes) their daiquiris (delicious drink.) It is also interesting to visit the Bacardi building, ordered to be built in 1929, where for one euro (to negotiate with a waiter at the bar) you can climb to the roof to spot incredible panoramic views of the city. The place is really magic and a lost charm of the center of Havana.


You can not miss the Chinatown in central Havana, is the largest in Latin America. It was founded thanks to the large Chinese colony that lives in Cuba. Walking through the pedestrian streets of Chinatown Cuban visitors can give the impression of being in the real China with people looking half Chinese and half Caribbean.

the Chinatown in central Havana

Photography by Barnaby

The Malecón of Havana:

The Malecon is another mandatory appointments, the most famous avenue in Havana and perhaps Cuba. The Malecón is the trip that spans the bay for 7 km. It is almost a mythical place where you can see declarations of love, fights, evening walks, people fishing or drinking rum or simply watching the horizon. In the stormy days when the waves jump over the wall of the Malecon, the spectacle of the ride is impressive. The Malecon is located in the neighborhood of Vedado, the heart of the city. A good route is to walk down the ramp, take a Coppelia ice cream and go to the Plaza of the Revolution.

Coppelia ice cream parlor is a popular set up in 1965. His fame is due to the exquisite preparation of the various flavors of tropical fruits that make ice cream. The queue is infinite, but it’s worth spending a couple of hours to choose among more than 21 flavors and specialties, and feel a little more Cuban.


Havana became a popular destination for Americans, who popularized the clubs and play until the ban on the Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Tips for quiet enjoyment of Havana:

- Do not let yourself be guided by any Cuban who meet on the street, much less if you suggest a bar for mojitos, as you can be the subject of a scam and end up paying the entire round bar.

- It is advisable to take an American car of the 40′s to enjoy the city from this technological marvel. There is a taxi company for tourists with cars restored. We recommend using it, since the rest of taxis are banned from traveling with tourists. If you do not want surprises, traveling with official taxi companies.

Havana a fun adventure

Photography by darkroomillusions

- Do not buy cigars on the street, unless you know the product and verify that the box is well sealed, and you can also have a problem at customs.

- Have a mojito or a daiquiri as Ernest Hemingway’s enjoyed in La Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio in, but you can find bars of similar quality with better prices.

Havana Enjoy!

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