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Castro Urdiales in Cantabria

Domingo, enero 17th, 2010

 castro urdiales - puente romano castillo y faro por granero76.

Castro Urdiales is a fishing village in northern Spain in the autonomous community of Cantabria, 62 kilometers from Santander and Bilbao 29. The beaches, the Bay of Biscay, alternate along several kilometers. The Brazomar and Ostende, in the village, and those of Mioño, Pocillo, Oriñón and Sonabia a along its coastline. El Pedregal is very peculiar, beautiful rocky landscape, which at high tide Becomes a magnificent natural swimming pool. (más…)

Activities in Andorra: Hiking and climbing

Lunes, enero 4th, 2010

One of the most rewarding activities we find in Andorra, is to know its mountains, forests and lakes. There are countless routes, lakes and valleys to go and many mountains to climb. Here we propose some ascents:

- Circ Pessons, Pic in Pic of Ríbils i Montmalús.

- Pic of Pic de Mil Menut I Ransol.

- Pic Negre d’Envalira.

- La Vall d’Incles i els lakes of Juclar.

- Vall del Riu Madriu. (más…)

Rural Tourism: Thunderstorms in the mountains-Tips

Sábado, diciembre 26th, 2009

Da Lights Over Lake Altus por gmp1993.

Few weather events are so impressive and fearsome as the storms on the mountain. The speed with which they form and its unusual violence can put up stiff resistance to anyone who is caught by them without the possibility of shelter. In gullies occurs within seconds floods that drag everything in its path, including the helpless climbers who could not get out of bed on time. The consequences in these cases tend to be almost always fatal, either by drowning or traumatic injuries. Climbers must fight the wind, hail, the sudden drop in temperatures and waterfalls and rocks falling from the top. In the best case the wet rock is slippery and increases the difficulty of the ascent or retreat. (más…)

Cross Country Skiing – Beginners

Domingo, diciembre 20th, 2009

Cross Country Skiing - Beginners

Who has not heard of the enjoyment and benefits of Nordic skiing or backcountry skiing?
In the rest of the world and especially in northern European countries is a well established sport, and Spain is increasing year by year the number of people who practice it. The skiing is an activity that helps us to travel great distances, quickly and lightly. (más…)

Tourism and the Surf

Sábado, noviembre 14th, 2009

Surfing as a sport, is widespread worldwide, with its beginnings on the beaches of Hawaii, surfing history goes back 500 years ago on the islands of Polynesia, became very popular on the coasts of California and Australia, from where it began to spread throughout the world and from the 50 or 60 starts the evolution of the sport, both in the implementation of the materials as in the skill of acrobatic movements performed by surfers. Currently participating in the research materials used by surfers is based on studies conducted by aerospace engineers who seek to optimize the hydrodynamics of the tables. (más…)

Bariloche in Summer

Martes, noviembre 3rd, 2009

Bariloche is a city located in Black River Province (Argentina). During the winter is a much visited destination because it has fabulous ski slopes, even though summer is also an excellent choice for adventure tourism. The city of Bariloche has very good frequency of flights daily. And during the summer holds 23 thousand seats. (más…)

Part II Adventure Travel of Argentina

Lunes, octubre 19th, 2009

Crazy People


In 1991, a group of pilots of Swiss origin from the viewpoint Cuchi Corral, located in the Punilla Valley (Córdoba). In his view and that of subject specialists agreed that this was an excellent flying site. Since then, this place has become a favorite of skydiving in Argentina. This 8 km from the town of La Cumbre. Its height is 1,080 meters above sea level and has a vertical drop of 400 meters to the area where landings are made. In summer, when high season is usually seen at least 10 or more experienced pilot.

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