What we know of Trekking

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Trekking close to Tilicho lake and peak, Annapurna, Nepal por Eric Lon.

Reaching the summit of a mountain and reach the beginning or mouth of a creek or a simple walk, while enjoying a dream landscape, are the basic objectives of trekking. Know where the best places for this sport which calls to ignore the stress.

Moderate to challenging hikes on natural landscapes such as mountains, valleys, mountains, gorges, forests, banks of streams, rivers and lakes, and permanent contact with nature, are the perfect excuse for those who are bored of the classic beach holiday.

What we know of Trekking

If you are a person very fond of sedentary lifestyles and aims to always have a reason to be in motion, will surely find the correct choice for trekking the most anxiety expect the arrival of their rest days.

Before jumping out of control in practice, there are some substantive points to be aware when trekking (or hiking, in most basic terms). Here they are:

First, it must differentiate the terms “walking” of trekking though his spirit may be quite similar. On the one hand, trekking consists of short walks, with up to 6 hours, which are conducted by well-marked trails and demarcated. There is no type of technical difficulty. Any people, regardless of physical condition do not need special equipment. Will a good backpack, water bottle and a coat.

The trek, however, has more demands. “Trekking is a journey, a shift of one or more persons on a large distance with a certain amount of equipment. This is because the issue may be prolonged for several days, or the hardness of the crossing. A trekking session may last only a couple of hours of moderate walking or, by contrast, take several days of issuance. So also vary their levels of difficulty from beginner to advanced professional.

Thus, forests, jungles, canyons, volcanoes and extensive plains represent ideal locations for trekking. Argentina is one of the best places to practice. You just have to be encouraged to take the first step.

The ABC of trekking:
Jump abruptly to the practice of any sport without knowing what the current state of your physical poses a risk. And the trek is no exception.

If a person gets tired running three laps around the block will not be able to start making the trek. It is essential that each person knows their limitations and be honest about his physical today. It is therefore recommended to start with the most basic trekking and then go increasing the strictness.

It is advisable to know every single detail of the site chosen for practice. Furthermore, before trekking, you must complete several documents for the record if the person suffers from an allergy.

The third recommendation, after carrying out the first two, is to choose an activity that is commensurate with the physical state of each. It should be clear about what they want to do, but also choose an activity or excursion that is attuned to the physical state of each. It is indistinct start hiking or trekking, but it is indistinct physical ability that each possesses.


Good luck to everyone in the Trekking!

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