Arles a treasure in Provence

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Arles is a small and quiet city in southern France, located in the heart of Provence. Founded in the sixth century BCE by the Greeks, therefore has more than 2500 years of history, but it was during the Roman Empire when Arelate assumed the status of really important city, becoming capital of the province Gallia Narbonensis. And although few centuries have passed since he lost that status, Arles still shows part of the power that treasured by then, and remains the capital of the vast region of the Camargue.


Photograph by Wolfgang Staudt

Roman ruins in Arles:

Arelate Roman city was completely encircled by walls and consisted of an area of99 acres and had several architectural monuments like the amphitheater, triumphal arch, the circus and the Roman theater. You can also visit the remains of the baths of Constantine III. In antiquity Arles was located closer to the sea and served as a major port in the Mediterranean. Many of these Roman remains have survived to this day.

Roman ruins in Arles

Photograph by Fr Antunes

Arles currently not being advertised as one of the most interesting cities of Provence, but should not miss if you’re on the road to Provence, we are sure you will love. With an air of Tuscany, Arles has a lovely little historic through which you can walk leisurely. The Roman amphitheater is the star tourist town without a doubt, and this is easily spotted from the narrow streets of downtown. You can access it through a few stone steps, because the amphitheater is the highest point of the city.

Wandering in Arles:

The Roman amphitheater in Arles was built around 90 AD, and is one of the best preserved of the world. This had the capacity for 20,000 spectators, half the great Colosseum in Rome. Enter visit costs € 6.5, and another 3 € if you want to buy a small but interesting guide full of information about the monument (in English, French). The amphitheater is used today to celebrate bullfights.

Also, as spectacular as the interior of the amphitheater is the surrounding environment, the village houses is filled with shops that give the ensemble a charming air. A contrast greatly with the environment of the Roman amphitheater in Nimes, for example, and this is an open space that gives it a very sad and cold. Instead, walk around the perimeter of the amphitheater in Arles is a real pleasure. This is because it is in a pedestrian area, the tourist can walk closer to the Roman theater is located a few meters and is one of the strengths of the city tourist. These theaters is in good condition, and also have to pay a few euros to visit their stands.

Arles a treasure in Provence

Photograph by tpholland

Around the Roman amphitheater of Arles:

We advise you to park in public parking is on the outskirts of the city, a few minutes walk from the Roman ruins. Park in the historic Arles is quite difficult because the streets are very narrow, mostly pedestrian. The car in which he talked about earlier is free and the other side of the Rhone River, north of the amphitheater.

Route Arles and Provence, France:

If you’re headed for Montpellier, Avignon, Aix en Provence, Marseille or any city of Provence, take the time to visit Arles, we assure you will not regret and may end up being one of the most pleasurable moments of your trip southern France.

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