A stroll along the Li River

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We started a new section of Special Tourism as you advance past Sunday: Nature, a section that will try those places go world that Nature has provided us with its magic, those sites that are worth missing to escape from their daily routines and commune with the environment. We hope you enjoy.

How to get there?
To get to Guilin only need to take a plane to Liangjiang International Airport from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou. It takes about two hours by plane. Is best, because Beijing, a journey by train you can take an entire day.

I travel to Nature: A walk along the Li River
One of the most idyllic walks, romantic and exotic we can do after that is done through the Li River in Guangxi province china. This area is known as the magic of China painters and poets. Nothing to do with the modern and futuristic China’s new, revamped significantly to holding the Olympics in Beijing.

The Li River
At the same China, the whole world says that the province of Guangxi has the mountains and rivers more beautiful in the world. For thirteen centuries, painters and writers have been inspired role in trying to translate their fascinating formations, colorful floral print and the forests of their wonderful small towns along the River Li.

guilin landscape26 por feng38.

A stroll along the river is like plunging into a traditional Chinese scroll painting. We dance around in a soft and melodic beat fog, mountains and rivers. From Guilin, instead of the beginning of our ride, the Li’s jade green waters meander among a spectacular landscape, like a mirage out of wave and erosion. The names of these valleys are really curious: Hill Bat Five Tigers hunt for a goat, or the Brush Valley.

In the river we find a landscape like an ancient legend out of china. Also numerous tourist boats ply a multitude of small villages located in white india row, separated only by a wide range of thick green bush. Children swimming at the shore, the women doing the laundry and the farmers irrigating their rice plantations. Some fishermen in narrow bamboo rafts are still using trained cormorants dive and catch fish with spikes, and I put a ring around the neck to prevent Swallowing the loot.

One of the people who are open to our Yangshuo step is the final destination of the tourist boats. It is a small village of fishermen just several houses full of very kind people who, strangely, to speak English perfectly. From here we can make a fascinating trip on the bike and the green plains of limestone peaks covered with vegetation. Certainly one of the most beautiful and relaxing scenery of China. You will also find the possibility of rafting, hiking and other activities.

Yangshuo China October 2008 por Larpoon.

If you want to climb some of the peaks from the top of the rock on the moon, an army of spectacular peaks that seem to march in formation into the distance. The tranquility of the most traditional and ancient china found in the small village of Xingping, situated on the banks of the Li River, just an hour of cycling through the emerald green paddy fields. The scenery, mountains, and plunged into the calm of the place, delight.

The trip by Li Guilin starts and ends at Yangshuo, 81 kilometers downstream. From there we return to Guilin by bus in just half an hour. The boats operate all year, but the visibility is much reduced during the rainy season from May to September. The best time to make this trip is from October to April, although it may from December to February the water level is too low for boats to make the journey complete. Everything depends on the situation of the river and the rains that have occurred this year.

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