Zambia, An ideal place for wildlife lovers

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Despite the tremendously natural wealth most of the African nations have not been able to connect nature’s bounties into prosperous tourism. The causes may be many but effect is similar that African continent is lagging behind.


Though, several countries are now gaining pace in the region and have converted themselves as Africa’s newest magnificence destinations. Zambia, is a surrounded by land country in southern Africa, not long ago it was an unfortunate country.


Now the image is moderately dissimilar from its bleak past. The country has gained force for its jungle safaris and eco-tourism has become a necessary part of its financial system. Jo Pope, the proprietor of Robin Pope Safaris, an outfitter in Mfuwe, said: Zambia has a lot to present that other countries cannot offer. It’s the combination of wild parts, walking, night drives and excellent guides in small owner-run camps.

Apart from the South Luangwa National Park, a distinguished national park in eastern Zambia, which supports great populations of Thorneycroft’s Giraffe, herds of elephant, hundred strong buffalos, whereas the some crocodiles and hippopotamuses in the Luangwa River, there are various other well-known reserves here.

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