Youth Hostels, an inexpensive way to travel

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L'alberg de Núria / Youth Hostel in Núria por SBA73.

The economic crisis is being increasingly stretched and suffer more stress to make ends meet and to maintain our work. Perhaps we could not go on vacation this summer. However we may have the opportunity to take us some time off building the bridges of this fourth quarter, although this year is not on the best days. An appealing choice of travel for little money is staying in youth hostels.

Although they are called youth hostels, the truth is that they can sleep in people of all ages. It is true that most users are young, but we can find whole families and seniors. They are widely used by groups of friends and also by individual travelers. The advantages of these centers are numerous.

They are found in virtually every country in the world, from Spain to places as distant as Mozambique little tourist operations in Africa or New Caledonia, Oceania and Alaska in America. Moreover, these establishments are usually located in the most visited cities in each country, which exhibit a higher interest for visitors.

The price of youth hostels is affordable for everyone. That yes, the cheaper rooms are being shared with others. This may involve disadvantages such as sleeping with people who do not know or discomfort at night in one of the companions (ie snoring). But it also offers advantages like a cheap price to sleep and the chance to meet new people from other cities or other countries that share a room.

If we do not want to share a room, youth hostels also offer the possibility to sleep on double or single rooms. That yes, in these cases, prices go up because something but in any case, are more affordable than hotels.

Something for everyone, however, prices can vary depending on the hostel and, above all, the country where we are. For example, in Spain, sleeping in one of these establishments is to cost between 11.50 am and 17.25 euros per night for a shared room with up to 40 or 45 euros in a double room. However, in Uganda the single room costs about 16 or 18 euros, depending on how is the change in the dollar.

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About the facilities offered by youth hostels, there are all sorts, from which just offer a bed and a coffee vending machine as to those who have a cafe, kitchen, pool, parking and a host of amenities. Everything depends on what you ask from a shelter, if you simply want to spend a night and continue the way the next morning and intend to stay a few days in the same place.

In Spain
Spain is one of the countries with highest number of establishments of this type. In total, has more than 200 youth hostels. While most are in the northern half of the country, we can go anywhere in the geography taking a youth hostel near either the north, south, east or west. Can be found in the larger towns like all capital cities to small towns that, although not too well known, have the charm and interest to visitors to come closer to them ready to enjoy a few relaxing days and relaxation.

Nuria at sunset

Those yes, in most youth hostels are necessarily to the Youth Hostel card. And who needs no introduction, it offers attractive discounts and benefits. This document is valid for one year and in Spain costs $ 5 for children age 30 and 12 euros for those who have already reached the thirties.

There are also cards and special rates for groups and families.

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  1. Roger Ponds Says:

    I can tell that English is not your first language, and there are some things in your comment that are somewhat awkward in English, regarding your comments about youth hostels. However, staying in youth hostels in various places throughout eastern Canada gave me the opportunity to see the big cities of Ontario and Quebec, as well as the opportunity to see the countryside of Canada’s two most populous provinces. So, I do agree with you 100% on the advantages as well as the disadvantages of youth hostels. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to visit Canada, if I hadn’t been able to stay in youth hostels and travel by bus in Canada, coming from the USA.

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