Wine tasting in Franschhoek – South Africa

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South Africa is the ninth biggest wine producer in the world. Franschoek is the city logo to visit the best wineries in South Africa. Although the city itself seemed a bit artificial, the place is worth to be visited by the beauty of the valley as factories producing modern South African wine tastings will allow us to end up buying wine bottles or cases of wine. The varieties are planted in Franschhoek Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Chardonnay and Syrah.

Wine tasting in Franschhoek

Photography by Smath.

Franschhoek Views:

To put this in context and understand why South African wine is made, we must go back to 1688. At that time, the valley South Africa was the refuge of 176 French Huguenots fleeing Protestant persecution in France. These French wine experts, brought with them strains of French vineyards, so to reach the fruitful land of Franschhoek started planting the vines. The area dominated by the Dutch who controlled southern Africa was known as the corner of the elephants, but after the arrival of the Huguenots was sold and renamed the corner of French is their actual name but in Afrikans, Franschhoek. The first farms were established in Franschhoek were La Motte, La Cotte, Cabrières, Provence, Chamonix, Dieu Donné and La Dauphine, most of which are still currently in Franschoek and visit. To commemorate this Huguenot origin, one of the crosses the end of the city you can see the monument to the Huguenots.

Huguenot Monument:

In our journey through South Africa, the idea was to drive from Cape Town to Cape Point and then drive to Franschhoek, spending a couple of nights and then go the route of the whales. Just two hours from Cape Point or Cape Town (83 km), with some complicated intersections that are not listed you get to Franschhoek. As novices in the wine, the first thing we can do is let us get to Franschhoek wineries advise on what we should visit, especially if it have no choice. In most of the wineries or wineries you can taste the wine, although some (most popular) will have to pay for tasting the wine. However, there are many more wells in which we teach and let us sample their wines.

What we see in Franschoek wine?

One of the wineries is advised to visit the wineries of Boekenhoutskloof, being one of the essential wineries to visit, one is the cellar of Haut Espoir for its beautiful views of the valley, Chamonix by the beauty of the winery (although there to pay) plus Möreson and Stony Brook.

Wine tasting in Franschhoek - South Africa

Photography by cscott2006

Boekenhoutskloof Winery:

A site that is a must visit for lovers of syrah, is the Boekenhoutskloof winery manager makes us taste six different wines, starting with the Boekenhoutskloof Syrah, the Porcupine Ridge Sauvignon Blanc was a young wine, the Porcupine Ridge Viognier Grenache Blanc, Porcupine Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Porcupine Ridge Syrah Viognier that is really good and finally the Chocolate Block is fashionable wine in South Africa.

Haut Espoir Winery:

The next winery we visited was that of Haut Espoir, where we tested different Shiraz wines. The one we liked was the Syrah 2006 and bought a bottle. In this Cafe we attended a young farm worker who was responsible for monitoring the quality of wine, and he did a tour of the cellars where he saw the barrels of wine. The cellar of Haut Espoir to be very modern cellars (last winery was in 2000) had no interest rate, but the views from the wineries that are elevated are very nice and recommended.

One last stop we can do in the Chamonix winery, which is very pretty and looks like a mountain cave. The interior is very rustic and had a fire for heating. This winery must pay for a wine tasting.

Where to eat in Franschhoek?

Franschhoek restaurants are all good quality, so there is no problem to find one you like, this course if you arrive at a correct time. Another alternative is to eat Col’Cacchio pizzeria with good pizza and a large selection of local wines. Reubens Restaurant is the most recommended restaurant in the area for almost everyone if you come to Franschhoek.

Franschoek wine

Photography by cscott2006

Where to stay in Franschhoek?

In Franschhoek we can stay in the Agincourt Guest House, this is a nice bed & breakfast style home. The house has spectacular views of the Franschhoek Wine Valley, this beautiful property is presented with pool and simple but comfortable rooms. The breakfast is really good!

Bon voyage!

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