Where do the spaghetti?

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The other day, eating a delicious plate of bucatini (spaghetti with holes that have their origin in Lazio), we asked ourselves what is the origin of pasta and spaghetti? have their origin in China? Do the Arabs brought it to western Asia, Greece or Italy?


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As of this story there are different versions, counting the most popular start on how they got the spaghetti and Europe. As the story was thanks to Marco Polo, when after returning from his trip (1295) introduced in China in the West (among others), ice cream and spaghetti. However, many historians argue that this story could be wrong. Even today there are historians who doubt that Marco Polo had really come to China, and in their relative lack details such as tea, Chinese spellings, the Great Wall of China, among other remarkable details of his trip, adding that the descriptions Distance and geography are quite inaccurate.

Chinese Noodles:

Another theory (which seems to be the right), speaks to the Chinese and pasta made 2000 years before the Italians, since they have found remains of food (noodles) 4000 years ago in China’s Qinghai Province near Lajia in banks of the Yellow River. This destroys other theories saying that the Venetian merchant Marco Polo was the introducer of the spaghetti in China.

Where do the spaghetti?

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The latter theory would show that the Chinese were the inventors of the spaghetti, but we can imagine that the origin of pasta could be “simultaneously” in different places and civilizations, if we consider their development and access to these ingredients of all civilizations. Just needed to grind wheat grains mixed with water and cook pasta then obtaining. The pastas are products obtained by drying a non-fermented dough, made with semolina or flour from wheat and mixed with water.

Also another theory says that the Arabs who were in southern Italy (during the Middle Ages) were the ones who actually introduced Chinese noodles in Italy to become the most famous dish of the Italians.

How do you make spaghetti?

Jumping in the mid-nineteenth century, was when he invented a machine to make spaghetti in industrial quantities, thanks to a machine with large presses and extrusion machine shapes the dough. The first written reference to the spaghetti dialect dictionary appeared in the region of Piacenza in 1836, but it was not until 10 years later the word became popular in the country.

Source pasta:

What we do is more clear is the origin of the combination of pasta and tomato sauce. This dish originated in the eighteenth century in southern Italy, and was portrayed in various writings of the period.

Other myths culinary discarded:

We have shown that non-Italian spaghetti, but are originally from China.
The Chicken Tikka Masala is a native of Great Britain and not India!
The pizza is originating in Italy and not in the U.S. (as some Americans may believe).
The burgers and sausages are original German and not American.
Chop Suey Although it is U.S., not China.

Other myths culinary

Photography by Harry Wood

The spaghetti is part of our diet!

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