What are the best islands in Thailand?

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Today we will travel to Southeast Asia, specifically we will go to Thailand, where some of the world’s most heavenly islands. Let’s start our tour of Ko Phi Phi Islands Lee, which perch on the Phi Phi islands, within the province of Krabi. It is noteworthy that island washed by the Andaman Sea, offers tranquillas vacation where all you have to do is relax while appreciating the beautiful scenery and landscapes. It is noteworthy that many tourists opt to rent bungalows to enjoy the beaches and turquoise bays that adorn the area. You also have the chance to stay in one of the most impressive hotels. We refer to the Holiday Inn Resort Phi Phi.

Islands in Thailand

Photography by René Ehrhardt

If you are a fan of the beaches, you’ll love knowing that one of the best areas is the famous white sand beach and busy Long Beach, a place where you can practice water sports like snorkeling. This way we can assess the marine biodiversity that is remarkable for its curious goldfish.

Koh Samui and Koh Phangan: Wonderful Thai islands 

Following our tour shirt, it’s time to head to the island of Koh Phangan, which sits on the southeast of the country. No doubt this area enviable tranquility and good beaches for snorkeling, holds its own famous celebration of the full moon. Also you need to know that many tourists opt to fishing trips and tours to appreciate caves filled with bats.

Travel to Southeast Thailand

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Another route is on Koh Samui, located in the province of Surat Thani. This small paradise island is usually crowded with tourists because its beauty is so great that it has positioned itself as one of the best beach destinations not only in Southeast Asia but the world.

Nature has given to Koh Samui you need to excel. It is rich in natural resources, has white sand beaches, is home to numerous coral reefs and coconut trees. The tourists arrive each season and spend a pleasant stay in these areas. Infaltables a destination for tourists visiting Samui is considered the second destination of the most popular island in Thailand. Samui certainly attracts the attention of thousands because it is an oasis of natural beauty with lakes and picturesque waterfalls, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, etc.

What are the best islands in Thailand?

Photography by victoriapeckham

Paradise island to continue visiting in Thailand there are several, among them is Koh Phangan. It is worth mentioning that we can find a series of resorts, bungalows, luxury hotels and bars and restaurants. Know that you will be interested in the beaches of Koh Phangan you can dive. It is also very touristy the Feast of the full moon. If you decide to come to this paradise of beautiful scenery with crystal clear water, you should go lie down in the southeast of the country, specifically for the north of Koh Samui. You will be interested to know that among its highlights attractions Sadet Tan cascade. Without doubt, Thailand has great reasons for choosing to visit.

Thailand has great reasons for choosing to visit

Photography by Christian Haugen

This time travel to the always wonderful exotic Thailand to visit one of most beautiful islands to enjoy the delight of the breeze of the Andaman Sea. We refer to the island Ko Phi Phi Leh Phi Phi Lee or simply that perches in the Phi Phi Islands. Undoubtedly, this island is one of the most heavenly not only the country but all over Southeast Asia. To reach it we must turn toward the south, the province of Krabi, specifically to 1.5 miles of Phi Phi Don.

What makes it so impressive to this place? Just imagine walking through its golden sands, where every corner you will find a gently lapping emerald water, all within an environment surrounded by verdant landscapes and rock formations. Before the tourist boom in Thailand, Phi Phi Lee used to be a lonely place, almost an Eden far away, yet today thousands of tourists from all over the world crowd the beaches in search of relaxation they are looking.

It is worth mentioning that one of the most besieged by travelers are the water sports like snorkelling and diving to see coral reefs and colorful fish. You can also choose to rent a boat or boat and make a little excursion visiting its shores.

You will be interested to know that Phi Phi Lee can find a variety of luxury hotels and small villas and bungalows cheap. That is, there are several lodging and accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets.

Now that you know the best islands in Thailand What do you expect to travel?

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