Varanasi, the ancient city of India

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On the western side of the river Ganges stands a city of over one million misnamed by British colonizers Varanasi and known by the Indians as Vanarasi.
This city is a universal spiritual navel cradled by the waters of a holy river and provides the traveler of the most intense experiences that can live on Indian lands.

A look at the city:
We prefer to contemplate the delicacy of benareses to drop the Ganges (small flower wreaths adorned with a lit candle), the Malhas. And why not? share the sacred ritual of smoking herbs with some Shadu miles of dreadlocks.

Varanasi has something like seven thousand years and owes its name to its location between the rivers Varuna and Assi latter does not exist, 764 kilometers east of Delhi. The oldest part of the Uttar Pradesh city, which still retains its vitality in the neighborhood of Godowlia of narrow, winding streets and small houses made of mud and stone.

In Godowlia and the rest of the city, life is on the street, which happens to be a natural extension of the home (so narrow and crowded calendar). Here your senses are fired, the smells amazing blend combinations, while a leisurely bike ride followed by a zebu, goats and a monkey in search of remains of fruits, religious mantras and the tinkling of the bells are entangled with the merchant drum music players while traveling out of the most unexpected places.

Perhaps the most famous are the Ghats Vanarasi, steps of stone that are submerged in the waters of the Ganges and offer one of the most amazing of Asia. There are over a hundred to over Varanasi, combined with palaces and temples, and are used by benareses to talk with their gods. Its origin dates from the eighteenth century and are performed rituals of various religions and motivated by the most varied intentions, from the marriage, until the end of a recently deceased family member being cremated in the holy Ganga.

The best time to enjoy the river facade of the city at dawn when the sun is gradually illuminating the believers to be closer to his ritual bath. The murmur of the people, the ringing bells of the temples and the slow awakening of the city completes the impressive evolution of Vanarasi sunrise.

Around the Ghats it is common to find people dedicated to many different duties, from vendors Malhas, to barbers and masseuses, offering services to low prices for those who want to get in their hands.

Varanasi is one of the main destinations for pilgrims from all over the country. A holy water to get purified, mainly Hindus, but the town also has a large number of practitioners of other religions, including Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, Sikhs, Jain, Zoroastrians and Jews.

Varanasi offers an extraordinary number of tourist attractions ranging from the back waters of the Ganges by boat, gives the perspective of the river from the holy city, to visit Sarnath, where Buddha made his first sermon, in which the emperor Asoka erected several memorial towers around 250 BC. The impressive ruins of this site are only 10 km from Varanasi.

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